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  1. Mig Eater

    Port To Tiberian Sun

    So has Blitz become abandonware now..!?
  2. Mig Eater

    Feeling Nostalgic...

    I was in the mood for some old school mods, so I dug up AR2 & played a few games. The gameplay is still as solid as ever but the Gfx haven't stood the test of time very well, so I extracted my favorite unit (design) & gave it a makeover. I'm releasing this on the basis that it should only be used with AR2, so I don't want to see it popping up in any other mods..! To use it just copy the files in to the RA2 folder & launch AR2 as normal. PS: I have an Idea for a new Raven, so I might give that a makeover in the future as well. airshift.zip
  3. Mig Eater


    Can't think of a better birthday present :P That mystery sherman could be an M40?
  4. Mig Eater


    I've actually been working on D-day for 10 years now (since I was 14) but for the first two years I was just a low staff member, then I took over the whole project 8 years ago & made it my own :P
  5. Mig Eater

    D-day 8 Years In The Making

    lol well thx for the news post :P
  6. Mig Eater


    Today is June 6th & the 66th anniversary of D-day, it's also the 8th anniversary of the D-day mod for Red Alert 2. To commemorate this I've completely redone the D-day website & updated it with roughly 100 new units & buildings! If you don't know already D-day is a World War 2 mod for Red Alert 2, much like Blitzkrieg 1. However it not only covers WW2 but also pre & post war, as such D-day includes dozens of prototypes & paper projects from throughout the 30's, 40's & 50's. You'll be able to invade Berlin with the French army in 1940, use the Afrika Korps to conquer Egypt in 1942 or watch the Cold War get hot in 1950. Anyway if you like World War 2 games (which I presume most of you do!?) then go have a look.
  7. Mig Eater


    Thanks, D-day is on the finial stretch & I want something "else" on work on for a bit after. I came up with either finish off RA:PD (which is pretty much done just needs to be put together etc) or make a Dune mod from scratch XD
  8. Mig Eater


    I was part of the AR2 staff way back in 2002/3, I was helping Godwin with some vxl work & making unit "wreaks".
  9. Mig Eater


    I found the old staff alpha on my computer awhile ago & I plan on finishing it off for personal usage. I hope you're not being hesitant because you don't trust me, I've been staff on three different RA2 mods hosted here :P I guess that was many a year ago tho...
  10. Mig Eater


    If you could PM me a link to the folder they are in or send them to me in a zip I'd be grateful.
  11. Mig Eater


    Are all the files that where posted in the forums still on the server? AFAIK I have everything that was made for it but I wanted to check.
  12. Mig Eater


    Whatever happened to Red Alert: Paradox Device? the forums for it have disappeared.
  13. Mig Eater

    Any Further Development?

    So is Phil still working on stuff or is it just you now? haven't talked to him in ages :/
  14. Mig Eater

    Any Further Development?

    K well rami you know I'm always happy to lend a hand if needed :P
  15. Mig Eater

    Any Further Development?

    Well from the looks of things I wouldn't say alive, more like in a deep coma... I'm still tempted to just finish the last few missing things from the beta myself ya know >.>