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  1. This is it. After over four years and many thousands of hours of work, finally. It is my profound pleasure to announce that the first publically-released iteration of CNC Fallout is avalable to the public - Public Beta v0.1! Download CNC Fallout Public Beta v0.1 now! For almost a decade since its original conception in 2003 for Generals; I have imagined, designed, and meticulously built this mod. I hope that you enjoy playing my creation as much as I enjoyed crafting it. Henford
  2. henford

    A Little Birdie Told Me...

    CNC Fallout...remember us? We are pretty damn close to completion. It will be huge. http://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-fallout
  3. henford

    Dark Summer'96 Mod

    Looks promising - although you could lose a lot of polys off those vehicles.
  4. Got mapping skills? CNC Fallout wants you on the team! As faction production wraps up and playtesting begins for the CNC Fallout Public Beta 1.0, the development cycle of mod enters the penultimate phase - getting custom maps created and implemented. An opportunity has opened up for skilled mappers to work alongside the CNC Fallout team in mapping for the mod. Applicants must be experienced with C&C3 Worldbuilder, including the use of custom art and textures in map creation; and should send me an examples of their work. Those who I choose to join the team will have full access to the CNC Fallout Alpha for map assets and playtesting. Send me a PM to apply, or email at cncfallout@hotmail.com Henford CNC Fallout Mod Leader http://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-fallout
  5. I have been recieving requests for Soviet screenshots for weeks now, as is clear from this post, I have heard you! This first image shows the powerful Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank armed with a powerful 125mm cannon, and the Quad AP Cannon, a fast, lightly armored vehicle suited for securing buildings and tech buildings from infantry and aerial attack. This second image shows a pack of Soviet T-90s having some fun in an urban area! Enjoy!
  6. henford

    The Original Tank Tutorial Is Here!

    As relevant now as it was back then. A very good tutorial for anyone new to 3D modelling.
  7. henford

    New Fallout Soviet Screenshots!

    So the general concensus is that the flag goes. Simple enough ;)
  8. henford

    Killasmods Reborn!

    Accele, solution is to cover your skin with a massive itled watermark, similar to the ones used by turbosquid et al. :lol:
  9. What would happen, if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question. Upon completion, CNC Fallout will replace all elements in C&C3, introducing three unique factions: NATO (comprising of the US and Western European States), The Soviet Union and Australia. Fallout's features will include: - Ultra fast-paced "pick-up and play" gameplay - 61 new units taken straight from the news headlines - Command M1 Abrams Tanks, Paladin Artillery, Humvees, Russian T-90 Tanks, S1 Pantsyr Anti-Air Systems and more! - Experiment with and utilise new and exotic weapons technology, including Metal-Storm Guns, Seismic and Antimatter Weapons and Plasma Technology. - Real life locales - Fight in New York City, Washington DC, London, Paris, Moscow, Sydney and more! - Breathtaking superweapons - Obliterate your enemies with a range of massively powerful superweapons, including Antimatter Cannons, Nuclear Weapons, Cluster Missiles, Plasma Pulse Cannons, Daisy-Cutter Bombs and more! - Intense orchestral soundtrack Head on over to the official Fallout website (www.henford.net/fallout) to check out the latest ingame screenshots, get the lowdown on the three factions, and read the chilling chain of events that lead up to the scenario posed in CNC Fallout. I look forward to keeping you updated as I progress with this mod! Henford CNC Fallout Mod Leader
  10. Oh I see. Not a problem, I will fix it up now!
  11. So much news I don’t know where to begin! First things first, The Official Fallout Forums are now online! What are you waiting for? Get on and start chatting! I have also been making entries in my development blog. Click here to see how I have been progressing with the mod. Finally, I have uploaded a brand spankin’ new NATO M1A2 Abrams render! Head on over to the media section to check it out.
  12. The turret is actually facing slightly away from the camera, it isn't flush on. (Turret is about 40 degrees off front on) Look closely at the back and you will see this.
  13. henford

    Killasmods Reborn!

    I have been waiting for the WWSkin tutorial for ages. I used to know how to do it back in the Generals days, but forgot over the years. A massive contribution to the community, well done!
  14. Just uploaded a render of the M1A2 Abrams MBT. Check it out at www.henford.net/fallout
  15. Last time I checked, a tutorial EXPLAINED what you were doing, as opposed to slapping down huge chunks of code and telling people to cut/paste.
  16. Me thinkie someone wants to keep the design secret!
  17. henford

    New Allied Buildings

    Looking good. I like these much more that the Soviet buildings.
  18. After being lost way back in 2004 along with the rest of the Fallout mod for Generals, the fearsome Negotiator Artillery makes it's return!! The Negotiator is a revolutionary artillery platform to say the least. The Negotiator is was designed by the Australians during the Australasian Wars. It features a massive 400mm Howitzer in a two part chamber configuration, giving it massive range. When not in use, the howitzer retracts and is enclosed in an armored shell. In this state, the Negotiator can take extraordinary amounts of punishment before succumbing. When upgraded to Antimatter tipped shells, the Negotiator’s strike power moves from devastating to downright scary. Head to henford.net/fallout to see the high-res image, and the original unit from Fallout for Generals!
  19. LOL Killakanz, I know, Abrams are dull. However, they are also the MBT for the US in real life, so yeah, kinda have to throw that one in. I do, however love the Challenger, so you will have to wait and see!