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  1. It is very good to see some people have stuck around. It means that I don't have to reintroduce myself!
  2. Back on topic then, those Tesla reactors look fuckin sexy, I love the lightning FX!
  3. Whoa!!! Geez, think someone needs to relax a little hey? Just calm down, I didn't run over your dog, I didn't sleep with your girlfriend, I just made a comment about shaders. It is not that big of a deal really. SETTLE.
  4. Quite the bitch, especially as you can only use one shader :( You could use a Scrin Shader, although it would in turn make the whole structure shiny and... meh.
  5. henford

    My Mammoth Tank Model

    The camo on the diffuse texture as well, too cartoonish. Camo is quite tricky to get looking good. I would reccommend making a regular, detailed texture with panelling, scratches and the like, then laying semi-transparent camo over it, before cracking up the contrast and painting in your heavy detail, insignia, numbers and the such. Just play around with it until you get the effect you are after.
  6. Ugly in retrospect - yes, although you would hoped I had learnt something in 5 years.
  7. henford

    Farewell Pc, Hello Imac

    I got a Dell XPS M1710 laptop. It's got 512mb Geforce 7950GTX, 4gb ram, 2.33GHZ Core 2 clocked up to 3.16GHZ, and a 1920x1200 17 inch screen. It pwns everything. End of story.
  8. henford

    American Football

    Chelsea are gonna piss it in this year! Oh wait a minute, were talkin about "football". Nevermind.
  9. henford

    My Mammoth Tank Model

    No need for those wheels in geometry. Apart from the fact that they add tones of vertices, a good normal map would simulate about the same detail, especially with the camera range C&C3 has. The tank looks a little boxy on the top, you could definatley use the vertices wasted in the treads to add details to the top of the tank, vertices and the such.
  10. I did RTFM, the technique is gives is a little flawed, especially if you want to apply all your maps. Luckily, I did work it out myself using the correct shaders, so all is now good!
  11. I am having a problem with 3DS Max 9 when trying to apply a W3D material. I am using Vista so this might be an issue. I am running off the following: Vista Ultimate 64-bit 3DS Max 9 32-bit (SDK plugins will not work with 64-bit version) 1x NVidia Geforce Go 7950GTX 512MB Now onto my actual problem - I create my mesh as usual, UV unwrap it and create my diffuse, normal, specular and housecolor tga maps. Of course, all maps are tested and fit the model perfectly. I open the material editor via the Rendering tab, and apply DirectX 9 shaders to everything. The problem occurs when I try to apply the diffuse map using a W3D material. I click the W3D option, and check the "Stage 1 Texture" box. When I click the button to choose my material, 3DS Max locks up, meaning that I am unable to export with material applied. Anyone else having this problem/is there a solution? Thanks.
  12. Hey buddy, I was just looking for some advice and thought that someone here would had this problem before and been able to help me out. If you have nothing helpful to add, the option is totally open to just not reply, as opposed to being a smart ass.
  13. henford

    New Special Powers & Upgrades

    i concur, i say it is.
  14. henford

    New Special Powers & Upgrades

    Can we have back the old Generals INIs please?
  15. There seem to be alot of missing pieces in this SDK, that is for sure.
  16. pfft.... who runs C&C3 in low detail these days, huh?
  17. henford

    My Mammoth Tank Model

    588 hey? You could probably get away with adding some more geometric detail, especially on the top of the turret and the tread colors. Would make things a bit easier come skinning time as well!
  18. No matter, I have found alternate hosting. Fallout's website can now be found at fallout.game-mod.net
  19. henford

    Requiring Reactivation Of Fallout Forums And Ftp

    INo matter, I have found alternate hosting. Fallout's website can now be found at fallout.game-mod.net
  20. henford

    Requiring Reactivation Of Fallout Forums And Ftp

    www.derelictstudios.net/fallout I am the leader of Fallout, which was one of the biggest TC mods for Generals during all of 2003. It was 95% complete, until my haverd drive crashed in early 2004. Recently, I had my hard drive prefessionally recovered, and I have all the mod files back! I am now going to finish off the mod and officially release it.
  21. henford

    Requiring Reactivation Of Fallout Forums And Ftp

    LOL... They are magical and have special powers!