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  1. I have seen this happen before to American hostages and British hostages Kenneth Bigley, Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong, who were later beheaded in gruesome online videos. It has now finally hit home and the Australian media have entered a state of panic. The fear is that the insurgents will hope to make an example of this man to Australian people and media. I hate to say it but it does not look good for Douglas Wood. :( Thoughts?
  2. henford

    Hard Drive Died Today

    I cannot stress enough people BACK UP! Early 2004, I had a hard drive die with my entire mod Fallout on it which I had been working on for a year which was 95% finished. I seemingly lost the mod and left the community, I finally had to pay $1000 to get my data recovered from the drive after over a year...
  3. henford

    Australian Hostage Kidnapped In Iraq....

    They murder innocent civilians on camera and parade the footage around like a trophy. They have no compassion. I do not consider these terrorists humans.
  4. henford

    Australian Hostage Kidnapped In Iraq....

    I was referring to the terrorists as sand monkeys, not the Iraqis in general. Thats not being racist, I would have the same hatred for Australian terrorists if they were executing innocent people live on camera. And yes, you would be begging for your life. I have discussed this with people before, who said that they would start singing the star spangled banner whilst they were trying to read the arabic stuff leading up to the beheading. However, what you fail to realise is that begging is a natural human reaction. Humans generally have a natural reaction to prevent two things, being embarrassed and getting killed, and they will do anything that they think will prevent these two things. I am sure as with the other hostages, they think there is a glimmer of hope if they just do what those sand monkeys tell them to do. The people (terrorists) conducting this shit are sick and should have their balls cut off, because killing them would be too quick. They will get there own back when America kills them then they can burn in hell.
  5. henford

    Australian Hostage Kidnapped In Iraq....

    Yeah that was the Nick Berg video. He was already dead at the time, hence the lack of arterial bleeding from the neck.
  6. henford

    Australian Hostage Kidnapped In Iraq....

    Fast and painless? Have you seen one of the videos? Do you realise the head is sawed off, not just cut in one go. Watch the Eugene Armstrong video and then tell me it looks painless.
  7. henford

    Australian Hostage Kidnapped In Iraq....

    Those sand monkeys will probably behead him just to get extra media attention...
  8. henford

    Fallout Is Dead

    I will keep this short cause I am just as pissed off as you will be about this. My hard drive fried a week ago and everything on it has been lost, including fallout and all of it's backups. Im sorry but it's over now, Fallout is officially dead.
  9. henford

    One Step Closer

    no, u need swastikas! If they don't like it, maybe they shouldn't be playing a WW2 mod
  10. henford

    Civ Buildings

    :unsure: Those buildings are in need of severe reskinning, and in some cases remodelling. No offense here, but considering the professionalism of your team, those building just suck ass compared to your units (which are fuckin sexy). Give us a shout if u want any of those reskinned and I will see what I can do.