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  1. 2lu4bau.png


    This is it.


    After over four years and many thousands of hours of work, finally. It is my profound pleasure to announce that the first publically-released iteration of CNC Fallout is avalable to the public - Public Beta v0.1!


    Download CNC Fallout Public Beta v0.1 now!


    For almost a decade since its original conception in 2003 for Generals; I have imagined, designed, and meticulously built this mod.


    I hope that you enjoy playing my creation as much as I enjoyed crafting it.


  2. jobsposter.jpg


    Got mapping skills? CNC Fallout wants you on the team!


    As faction production wraps up and playtesting begins for the CNC Fallout Public Beta 1.0, the development cycle of mod enters the penultimate phase - getting custom maps created and implemented. An opportunity has opened up for skilled mappers to work alongside the CNC Fallout team in mapping for the mod.


    Applicants must be experienced with C&C3 Worldbuilder, including the use of custom art and textures in map creation; and should send me an examples of their work. Those who I choose to join the team will have full access to the CNC Fallout Alpha for map assets and playtesting.


    Send me a PM to apply, or email at cncfallout@hotmail.com



    CNC Fallout Mod Leader


  3. hey henny


    ur mod iz fukin awesume but i really wanna see teh soviet screnshotz!!!11!




    I have been recieving requests for Soviet screenshots for weeks now, as is clear from this post, I have heard you!






    This first image shows the powerful Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank armed with a powerful 125mm cannon, and the Quad AP Cannon, a fast, lightly armored vehicle suited for securing buildings and tech buildings from infantry and aerial attack.








    This second image shows a pack of Soviet T-90s having some fun in an urban area!




  4. So much news I don’t know where to begin!


    First things first, The Official Fallout Forums are now online! What are you waiting for? Get on and start chatting!


    I have also been making entries in my development blog. Click here to see how I have been progressing with the mod.


    Finally, I have uploaded a brand spankin’ new NATO M1A2 Abrams render! Head on over to the media section to check it out.

  5. After being lost way back in 2004 along with the rest of the Fallout mod for Generals, the fearsome Negotiator Artillery makes it's return!!


    The Negotiator is a revolutionary artillery platform to say the least. The Negotiator is was designed by the Australians during the Australasian Wars. It features a massive 400mm Howitzer in a two part chamber configuration, giving it massive range. When not in use, the howitzer retracts and is enclosed in an armored shell. In this state, the Negotiator can take extraordinary amounts of punishment before succumbing. When upgraded to Antimatter tipped shells, the Negotiator’s strike power moves from devastating to downright scary.


    Head to henford.net/fallout to see the high-res image, and the original unit from Fallout for Generals!