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  1. Jacker

    Installation Troubles R2.6.15

    The point is to play online. :)
  2. Jacker

    How Much?

    Are you fucking kidding? Do you know how much it would cost to make a manual to only sell it for $10? Jesus christ. No but I'm definitely not going to pay more than 5 bucks for an additional, and attractive manual (story line included).
  3. Jacker

    How Much?

    About $10-15 if packaged with colourful instruction manuals as well as other goodies. But if it just for purely the Blitz CD, $5.
  4. Jacker

    Halogen Rip

    Oh well RIP Halogen. Shit happens. The next thing better to do is to move on.
  5. Jacker


    I think it is more appropriate to say numbers don't ALWAYS matter as opposed to being implied that it does not matter at all. Again when it comes to war, anything may look good on paper. The reality is in the duration of the battle, the rules of war will have its say about whether a unit's quality can be utilised to its optimal potential, eg knowledge of terrain, intel efficiency etc etc. The number factor matters less when faced with the overwhelming superiority in technology and quality of opposition units. Yet, who said victory of any war (involving at times very particular political objectives) should be given to the side that has lost the least amount of combat units. In general, conflict objectives define the marking criteria for a battle, not a war.
  6. Jacker

    An Act Of War Is Back!

    An Act of War is back to tease!
  7. Jacker

    Finally - An Update!

    *puts on cloak suit* *enters viking's room* .... *loiters in front of the computer screen* *starts drooling on viking's keyboard* *gets discovered* ..... *runs to the time portal* *travels back in time* *repeats the same procedure*
  8. Jacker

    Finally - An Update!

    FINAAAALLY, viking reappears to test our patience.
  9. Jacker

    Sorry Aaow

    Geezus, you are building a house??
  10. Jacker

    Sorry Aaow

    See you Jack. Jacker will miss you!!
  11. Jacker

    Still Not Finished?!

    Err no... as a counter-example, Mideast Crisis features the Blackhawk from which infantry units inside can shoot out at ground and/or air targets.
  12. Jacker

    Febuary Has Arrived!

    What kind of choppers are displayed in the last screenshot?
  13. Jacker

    The Mod

    Patience is a virtue buddy.
  14. Jacker

    Do You Agree?

    Stealths should not be "transparent" looking to its user.
  15. Jacker

    Different Armies

    Yo where's the community love.