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    Normal ra2 runs great. For extract the files Do i just put them into the ra2 dictionary or do I have to make a folder or what? Thanks in advance.
  2. Element51


    Yeah my comp is pretty old but I am getting a new one soon:P. I got a nivida tnt2 graphic card pretty old card but meh. I got a intel celeron processer.
  3. Element51


    Thanks for the input.
  4. Element51


    I don't know if its my pc or the game was made like this but it runs a bit slow. Like the troops walk slow and buliding takes awhile even the the highest game seed. I have 128 mb ram and 667 mghz. So can someone please tell me if it was ment to be slow or is it my pc? thanks.
  5. Element51

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    The new terrian looks great really fits the mod. Will this one include a campign by anychance?