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  1. EA are bloody cunts anyway, in my opinion. But we had issues with TFD and installers before, if I recall correctly.
  2. And you have The First Decade or regular Generals?
  3. I was thinking of trying that, I would just rather shove hot pokers into both of my eyes than reinstall Generals :P Edit: I reinstalled and still get the same error. Going back to waiting now...
  4. I try to install those files and still get the "Old file does not exist". I guess I'll just have to wait for the full install. Oh, what's up Joka!
  5. Sweet, thanks for the quick response. I missed you guys...
  6. Same problem. And here I was excited to start playing online again after a long hiatus, but I can't very well do that if I can't install the patch that fixes the mismatch error...
  7. BIGJohnMP

    Ladies And Gentlemen, We've Got Him!

    omfg lol v9 roflcket
  8. BIGJohnMP

    Italy, The Missing Faction

    This thread needs a new pair of lollerskates for x-mas.
  9. BIGJohnMP

    2.6 Requires .net 2.0 Framework

    1. A programming architecture made popular by good ol' M$. 2. Because the launcher requires the runtime to be installed because its based on .Net architecture. By the way, welcome back Joka, long time no see...
  10. Wow, this topic has gone quite astray.
  11. Hey Abba, some people have really bad internet connections. Also, some people hate mismatch errors.
  12. At least CnC 3 has the damned turret logic code... <_<
  13. BIGJohnMP

    Who Do You Think?.........

    Bah! Your just jealous. :P
  14. BIGJohnMP

    Who Do You Think?.........

    Yay! I'm a trend setter!