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  1. PsiSoldier28

    Call Of Duty 5 Announced

    IIRC it's made by the same people as CoD3, so it will be shit. Technically it's CoD: The mistake 2
  2. PsiSoldier28

    You Have 9 Parking Spaces

    I only need one space. TARDIS!
  3. PsiSoldier28


    Heh, aid for Bruma :)
  4. PsiSoldier28

    First Impression Of Kane's Wrath

    Oh, poor you. I got it with the "LOL LEAFLET" in the box.
  5. PsiSoldier28

    First Impression Of Kane's Wrath

    Did anyone else get a RA3 beta key with their copy?
  6. PsiSoldier28

    Remote Control Tazer Bracelets

    I assume, alot of involuntary urination.
  7. PsiSoldier28

    Zombie Master

    @ Insurgency. <3 shotgun :P
  8. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

  9. PsiSoldier28

    Zombie Master

    <3 banshees
  10. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

    Fuck no! I play games, not create amateur media!
  11. PsiSoldier28

    The 20 Worst Windows Features Of All Time

    Oh man! That's so cool XD
  12. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

    If it does come down to having to get a new anything, I'll probably just get a entire new PC anyway, I've been meaning to do it for some while...
  13. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

    Surge protector.
  14. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

    GeForce 6600GT 256mb (AGP x8) Pentium 4 3.0Ghz (socket 478) 1024mb DDR RAM Mobo is ECS P4M800-M7 Maxtor 6B200P0 ATA harddrive 8mb cache as master, no slaves (OLD!) Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110D ATAPI (Master) Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612 ATAPI(Slave) (YES I know it's old... My PC is older than my cat ffs.) SiSoft Sandra... 17" monitor, and max res is 1600 x 1200, but how do I know the native res? Or is max res the native res? :S Yeah but how did the setting change? Nobody else went on here from when I turned it off to go to bed, to when I came on here to get/play Insurgency!
  15. PsiSoldier28

    Pc Dying?

    OK, so I came over to my desk to turn my PC on, right, and it goes though BIOS (that is what it's called yeah?), to the windows loading bar, and just reboots. Now, when it goes through BIOS, all the text is messed up, and blobs of white and black everywhere they shouldn't be (artifacts?), it didn't go to the loading screen, just stayed black. I reboot, go into the settings bit, and one of the settings in there was set to PCI for graphics, so I change it to AGP (AGP card not PCI), and reboot. Now I get a "Insert boot disk"-message or something along those lines, so I just turn it off. 5mins later, I turn it on, get the "error occurred bla bla bla, safe mode, start normally etc.", I hit start normally and it loads fine, I log in, start firefox, and post this... Now I've told you what happened (as much as i can remember it) I have questions... Is my PC dying? Could it be my GPU dying? Was it just "one of those things" that happens randomly? Was it the setting I changed that fixed it?