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  1. dave1001

    Redesign The Dollar

    We don't need to change our currency, thank you very much. Some of the designs submitted there are neat, most are laughable: I'm also amused by how many of these bills feature Obama, and the irony of how many feature Native Americans. As President Jackson was mediocre, but the rest of his life makes him an American legend. Being a good President isn't what gets you on a bill anyways - Franklin and Hamilton were never Presidents, and Grant was a terrible President.
  2. dave1001

    World Championship Started Again

  3. dave1001

    World Championship Started Again

    In a couple hours we have a chance to beat England at their own game ( ), awesome! USA! USA! USA!
  4. dave1001


    For some reason I expected this thread to be about the film of the same name.
  5. dave1001

    Epic Fail Adverts

    That's pretty stupid. Worst thing I've seen lately are packages of meat advertised as 'gluten-free' on the packaging - seen on sausages, deli meat, even on packages of chicken breasts.
  6. dave1001

    Funny Video Thread

    I feel strangely obligated to share this, so at least I won't be the only one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V55HnYyZF8
  7. dave1001

    Congress Trying To Ban Furries, Also Mermaids

    Only if he was successful. Makes me think of this:
  8. dave1001

    Ariz Immigration Bill Passed

    No, that's like us telling you that you're not allowed to oppose immigration to Britain, unless you happen to be a pure-blooded Celt. The US was a nation of immigrants 100 years ago, most people today are several generations removed from immigrant ancestors. And economic effect does not define the value of a law - environmental legislation is bad for the economy, slavery was great for the economy. The real problem here is that there's a fundamental contradiction between the law and tradition - people who support strong enforcement of immigration laws are in favor of the principle of the rule of law, whereas traditionally the US has had porous borders. Immigration is a contentious issue, because we have a complicated, screwed-up history of immigration, and the related issues of civil rights and citizenship (no, not just for blacks, pretty much every group that is non Anglo-saxon has been discriminated against at some point) - should we give politically guaranteed rights to those who abuse that government? And then we have to talk about TAXES, and any issue that involves taxes immediately turns into a giant clusterfuck. The solution we really need is something like this: 1. If you get caught hiring illegal immigrants, you lose your license to do business, or get fined up the wazoo. Anyone who contracts with a company that hires illegal immigrants should also be fined for contempt of immigration law. -My personal anecdote here, I work for a large corporate chain of supermarkets, and our stores contract with third-party companies to have people come in and do the cleaning tasks. Those people who come in to pick up trash and clean floors are of dubious legality, but since they're not hired by OUR company, they don't get benefits, and the corporation gets away with questionable labor while protecting itself from legal action. It makes perfect business sense, but it's fucking disgusting. 2. Widespread availability of a legal workers permit program. Anyone working without citizen or a workers permit would be subject to all penalties up to deportation - and this won't happen because it's just as bad for the economy as ejecting all the illegal workers, if you have to pay them minimum wage, there's no benefit to hiring them, so it's contrary to the business interests of the country.
  9. dave1001

    Gordon Brown's A Massive Ass

    I don't get it, since when is bigot is a naughty word? Does it have a stronger connotation in Britain? From what I gather he was using the word appropriately to describe another person's behavior... he should stand up for himself and say 'yeah, I said that, 'cause she IS bigoted in her opinions'
  10. dave1001

    Gays Responsible For Srebrenica Massacre

    That's just fucking stupid, how did that moron get to be a general? Also, when did UNIT COHESION stop being the obvious and apparent reason for defending 'don't ask, don't tell'? Of course, whether or not open homosexuality makes any difference to unit cohesion depends on the society the soldiers are coming from - have we reached the point where the vast majority of our nation tolerates open homosexuality? The approach of those hearings is basically foolish, they should make a determination on the above question, then make the policy match the answer.
  11. dave1001

    Science Rules!

    Makes me want to ship them a couple of parts off my bicycle.
  12. dave1001

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Are you wearing lipstick?
  13. dave1001

    The Texas Terrorist

    It's not terrorism because there was no attempt to scare the general populace, nor was an attempt to scare the IRS - just one pissed off retard with an airplane. He didn't represent any kind of coherent ideology besides 'fuck taxes!'. The Fort Hood shooting wasn't really terrorism either, in the same way that school shootings aren't terrorism.
  14. dave1001

    Funny Video Thread

  15. dave1001

    Your Thoughts About This

    Hoover was actually an awesome guy, he just became a scapegoat for economic problems that weren't his fault.