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  1. Mad Ivan

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Chrono, It says that I don't have permission to view the attachment. They seem to be experiencing a bug where having a lot of AI players causes the game to lag. I think I know what's causing it and maybe how to fix it, but that's based on just looking at the code on GitHub - I don't have a PC to compile and try things out ATM. I might have a clearer picture of what my availability is in a few weeks - I'll make sure to keep you updated :-)
  2. Mad Ivan

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    I would love to, tbh, but my availability is very uncertain until June next year. Can you keep me in mind if this goes forward? I haven't used msn in a long time - is there another way we can keep in touch?
  3. Mad Ivan

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    :D You might want to consider an indie game altogether - the industry has changed quite a lot since the old days =] P.P. I hope you remember me and I hope you are doing well : )
  4. If this will help - RA2 used IMA ADPCM Wav files...maybe it's the same here?
  5. Mad Ivan

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    A little update - kudos to Silent_Kane and Scorpio9a: Big extractor
  6. Mad Ivan

    My Work On C&c3 So Far

    Hello jonwil, phoib! jonwil, the program couldn't start so i fired up MSVC++6 and tried recompiling. The compiler returned 5 errors - redifinition of "i". I removed the "unsigned int" part and defined "unsigned int i=0;" right after "#include <stdio.h>". Here is the modified package. Source included. The program works, however i still can't find the unit definitions their models or textures. Could it be that they've merged the model with the corresponding unit's ini file and texture? They did say the new model format is text-editable...but i didn't think they'd go as far as smacking the texture in the file as well <_< I wish i could do more, but my C++ "skills" are very limited. Perhaps someone could modify this to scan the directory that it's located in and make it convert all files in the directory? That would be a relief, since converting file-by-file is a pain in the ass... decompress2.zip
  7. Mad Ivan

    He's Leaving !

    good luck, killa, we are all behind you on this one!
  8. Mad Ivan

    Problems With Genesis

    mmmm...memories :) need help with coding?my time is limited as well, but i can help you as much as i can :)
  9. Mad Ivan

    What About The Dead Ar3

    afaik kornolrd was working on it back when we had Dragonhorde Studios... He had some progress but due to lack of staff (i think), decited to move the project to Derelict.He later canceled the project, unknown to me why. After he moved to Derelict, I canceled Space Imperia (my mod) and turned the old DHS web site to my homepage for projects...i havent seen kornlord on msn since then :(
  10. Mad Ivan

    Problems With Genesis

    btw, is anyone working on this now and then, or are you guys still planning Convergence?lol, i even registered at the Conv forum to be there when it officialy opens :D
  11. Mad Ivan

    Ar2 Ie

    cant wait :D
  12. Mad Ivan

    Autodesk Canning Gmax Situation.

    Workarounds for registering GmaX, not downloading it ;) Banshee is trying to get one from Apoc.Keep yur fingers crossed.
  13. Mad Ivan

    Autodesk Canning Gmax Situation.

    Fact: Only gmax can export to w3d. Banshee is making a community event out of this.PCNC made a big post, posted @ CnCNZ, CnCDen has a small update on this, CnCReneclips has been informed, Sleipnir`s Stuff has the news on the main portal, The_Hunter from CnCReneclips sent the message to a few mod teams out there, DeeZire.net, CnC-Source, CNCReborn and RenAlert (...).I could have missed some :P
  14. Mad Ivan

    Autodesk Canning Gmax Situation.

    actually, it would. They`re stopping distribution and are disallowing third-party websites to put it up for download. Authorisation is not a problem.