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  1. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Oh wow, also 15 years. Half my life's Christmas gifts are in this thread. Need to reformat the OP sometime too....
  2. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Christmas morning comes later and later as I get older... I kinda want breakfast first now. ---------------------------------- Here we go! We were at my families for the first time in a few years with my brother and his G/F coming into town. LEGO Architecture Las Vegas Chris Hayes, A Colony in a Nation Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism Coffee & Snack Pack TV Rear LED Lighting "Cat Daddy" Coffee Mug Scythe board game Pandemic Legacy board game New Orleans "Been There" series mug PK Subban Nashville Predators TShirt Assorted candy and snacks.
  3. Opals25

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I went home for Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years so I had turkey. It was good.
  4. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    If Phoib keeps the servers running I keep posting.
  5. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    When I started this thread I was 15 and must have been a sophomore in high school. Next year's post will make it 15 years old and chronicle half of my life's Christmas gifts. In the mean time I've gone to university, fucked it up, still graduated anyways, got a real job and got married. This shit is wack.
  6. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Merry Christmas! Being old now means traveling and doing Christmas twice so I'll have a few things next weekend when I go see my parents. Today we're with the wife's. ANYWAYS to get started, from my brother; the game Secret Hitler and a P.K. Subban Nashville Predators Jersey! From my wife; a record player, a Nuka Cola growler, an Up Goer 5 xkcd poster, the Little Grumpy Cat that wouldn't book, and Made in North Korea a book about graphic design in the DPRK. From the wife's family; a new pocket knife, assorted candy and snacks, a $20 steam gift card, and a LEGO NYC skyline set.
  7. Opals25

    Anyone Still Around?

    RIP in peace
  8. Opals25

    Happy 2017

    when and where?
  9. Opals25

    Anyone Still Around?

    Oh, they're there. And they are terrible.
  10. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    I'm glad I can be there for you.
  11. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Oh shit guys is it that time of the year again!? So my Christmas is a bit all over the place this year so I'm having trouble compiling everything but for today and I'm at the in-laws so this is what I got right now! Always some cash Starbucks mocha latte k cups Lindt creme Brulee chocolate $20 steam credit Nashville zoo membership Pepperidge farm cookies hickory farms gift set and a new ice scraper for the car I also got previously the Game of Thrones board game Betrayal at house on the hill expansion. Raycats 99 pi shirt "Dream Cities: Seven Urban Ideas That Shape the World" Overwatch But since my family is all over the place we've just been sending gifts for the last month.
  12. Opals25

    Anyone Still Around?

    Which one? I know a guy over at Riot.
  13. Opals25

    Anyone Still Around?

    Oh hey friends! I'm doing pretty OK. I do pretty much all of the digital design work for a shitty local electronic retailer and that kind of sucks but I guess it's better to do work I like for a company I hate then hate both parts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If anyone want to hire a reasonably experienced web designer tho... ya know... Otherwise I'm still married, and that's still awesome. I don't do much modding anymore (Not that I did much 10 years ago what with my project success rate :V) but I did make a few buildings for Cities Skylines not long ago; check them out!
  14. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    I spent Christmas at the airport flying back from my Grandmother's funeral. Suffice to say it was a strange Christmas so I haven't really taken the time to compile everything. From my Wife: The Art of Fallout 4 Lego Architecture: The Louvre A Very nice new comb A sampler of K-Cups From my Friends: Pop Figure: Luke Skywalker Pop Captain America Mug LEGO Dimensions Benny's Spaceship! A Funko Products mystery box that included: DeadPool Pin Miniature Pop Jack Skellington Karate Kid Action Figure ALIEN Kane w/ Face Hugger Action Figure Pop Fallout 4 Power Armor Figure From my Family: Cash SteamLink & Controller Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow From my Wife's Family: Her dad built us a blanket ladder for storing blankets and a neat little lock box Inside Out movie on Blu-Ray Various candy A new watch. I also got to spend Christmas Eve in Boston and see some family I haven't seen in a decade which was all very nice even if the circumstances that brought us together were less so,
  15. Opals25

    Who The Hell Are You?

    So I got married in April.