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  1. Opals25

    Happy 2024

    Hey the site's still here! Happy new year!
  2. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    It's always a good time to buy Lego. What set?
  3. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Haha; I'm (mostly) kidding for myself! I've had a good year; we've been in Chicago for a year now and have loved it. The new job I moved for has been going really well too.
  4. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    You can really watch the alienation of late stage capitalism set-in as we all grow old and lose our youthful energy by reading through this time capsule of a thread. Merry Christmas; your gift is existential dread!
  5. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. We did Christmas stuff last night on a call with my family and will do Christmas stuff with the in-laws this afternoon. In the mean time; here's the start of the list. Fanttik E1 MAX electric screwdriver Tokaido, board game. Kiki's Delivery Service blu-ray special edition w/ steel book LEGO Micro Cities & Lego Architecture Ideas Book Nashville Predators beanie hat
  6. Opals25

    Happy 2023

    Yeah nerds, lets reminiscence on when we were young and stupid before the inevitable age and alzheimers comes for us.
  7. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    That sucks man, sorry for your loss and hope you're doing okay.
  8. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    It's a covid-smas miracle! That shit sucks though, feel better. My Christmas gift to myself was to get a new job out of Tennessee so we moved to Chicago like a month ago. We did Christmas remotely with the in laws yesterday and will have it with my family later this afternoon since my brother lives way out in Hawaii time. I'll get my list together then; hah
  9. Opals25

    Happy 2022

    Yup! We moved up to Chicago on the north side. It's been great so far these first few weeks.
  10. Opals25

    Happy 2022

    Hey nerds, what are you up to now? I'm moving out of Tennessee soon. Shit's wild.
  11. Opals25

    Happy 2022

    Shits been wild huh? You get out of Atlanta?
  12. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Little late to it today! My wife's grandfather was having some health issues so we didn't go in as early as expected but we made it in this afternoon. Got the first bit of stuff here and next week we'll visit my family next week for some more. Lords of Waterdeep board game Animal Crossing Dodo Air Lines pin set Pup - This Place Sucks Ass LP The Adventure Zone 4 comic Lens cleaning pen Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera Kodak ektachrome 120 film Ilford HP5 35mm film Dunkin French Vanilla Coffee
  13. Opals25

    Happy 2021

    this future blows
  14. Opals25

    Christmas Haul

    Some day right? I built myself a new computer as an after christmas gift to myself
  15. Opals25

    So, whats up

    I've been lucky as well to not be super affected by everything. I work in eCommcerce and the companies done well even if they're assholes and have every one packed into the office still. Oh well.