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    Bug Listing For R3

    Panzer 4J tooltip -> Panzer 4H
  2. Dreg

    Bug Listing For R3

    When i click on the deploy smokescreen ability with the T-35 it starts shooting mg fire like mad, instead of releasing smoke
  3. Dreg

    Bug Listing For R3

    I've found mostly a couple of missing object names, will post more bugs after further testing. - The soviet I-16 shortcut at the side of the screen has missing controlbarname - Stug3f missing name when i hover the mouse on it - Sturmtiger does not unlock with rocket science1, i had to get 2 levels of heavy as well, don't know if it was intended the manual says rocket1 as requirement - just minor bugs: in the skirmish screen the armies have missing tooltips, and at the map selection screen it says beat this map against a "brutal" enemy instead of hard (not a big deal)
  4. In vanilla General never encountered mismatch, but in ZH often. I figured out that sometimes when i play with my friends over hamachi blitz2, and zh too causes mismatch. The problem was occured because one of the players used a nocd fix that is different from ours. Now everybody is using mounted image and the zh/mods works fine.
  5. same problem, the game says AI is defeated upon start. Never had this problem in 2.5
  6. Dreg

    Still Alive!

    Keep up the good work blitz2 team. I hope my bug analisis were useful for your team waiting for release 3...
  7. Dreg

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    I can't wait more. I want play R3 now!!!!! :D
  8. Dreg

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    Tip: Enhance the soviet airforce --> they had various type of aircraft (Lavocskin, Yakovlev, Iljushin, MiG, Polokarpov) Blitz2 offers only a standard yak and il2. I think we need an up-to-date "late" aircraft like german jet, and allied mustang. Maybe you should add a Yak9 37mm nose cannon upgrade or give a special "heavy airfield" for all nations...
  9. Dreg

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    Ok, you're right Flyby. I see you're "experte" of WW2 weapons system :) I was just writing down my experiences and what i learned in IL2 Sturmovik. I think an axis player who concentrates only to jet planes will always have air superiority. Either way it's a good idea to allow them to shoot only aerial targets :) Idea for soviet union: Give ability for infantry to shoot air (Soviets were using almost everything like pistols, machineguns, when german fighters were going to low alt. attack) Recommendation ---> aprox 40-50 conscript can match AA firepower of a light AA gun. (maybe)
  10. Dreg

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    Tip for the new maps: please create more maps like the 8 player map in v2.5. We doesn't like this "city war" like games, that has been found on most maps.Need just a few buildings and huge place for a big tank War :)
  11. Dreg

    V0.49 Bug Reporting

    - Lot of language text file bugs (tank type names, definitions) I have played a lot with this fantastic modification with my friends, because we have an internet cafe. I'm concentrating on side balances: Soviet: Good for rushing tactics, not bad for later games. My personel experiences: - Soviet airforce is a sh*t. the only good aircraft is the IL2(Tank tactics).It has enough firepower to shoot down a lot of tanks and AA as well. I don't know what is for the napalm variant IL2. Yak fighters are useless. It's ok that they are cheap and we can build a lot of them, but it's unbalanced that only 3 planes are allowed at 1 airfield. Definition says that yak is not the best fighter, but it can take air superiority because its large numbers. During the game axis or allied players will build the same number of planes for less prize. -- > Recommendation: cheaper airfield or/and more plane slots. - Soviet air defence is not enough good: AA buildings are ok, the ZSU-37 have to be a little more powerful So their is no soviet air dominance (need rebalance) - Infantry balance problems: Conscript is useless. With "defence of the homeland" is ok, but either way i can't clean out a building with full axis or allied soldiers inside. ----> Recommendation: Give them speed/firepower bonus with "red crossed horde bonus ability" Another MAJOR bug: Infantry will not drop grenades/coctails to airfields - Vehicle tips: to be a more realistic game -> give AA gun to the IS2/3 tank (It was the most allin1 tank in WW2) - general exp menu: with defence of the homeland i can't get the artillery barrage bonus that says the icon. - Katyusha targeting: this weapon is useful in large numbers but its hard to aim them to shoot different targets at one time Allied Forces: Have to be a better balanced airforce tree. I haven't played so much with them. My personel experiences: - Nuke problems: The Nuclear research skill is unbalanced and useless. It's very freightening to have nuclear technology but it's useless. it requires 10 points, and i think you can use it only at the end of the game, when everybodí has access to the most powerful units. It's not a good tactic to drop a big boom and nothing useful units. - air force: spitfire needs a little more power (?) - infantry: either grman and allied mechanic repairs too slow (it's a better idea to send back the vehicles to factory) Germany: The most powerful nation. My personel experiences:- - Planes and airfield problems: During a match my axis opponents are ALWAYS building lots of airfield because they get 1 stuka strike/airfield with no limitations. it's VERY frustrating. No need of experience after the airfield bonus, more and more stukas are coming to me. They are used against everithing. Scouting, disordering enemy AA. ---> recommendation: limit No. of stukas and/or LESS health (Stukas weaknesses were their low armour plating and low speed). Another idea: can be placed like paratroopers (No shroud reveal). Fighters: the FW is the most powerful universal plane in the game and it requires just an airfield. In the abstract its not a big problem BUT the Me 262 is nearly immortal: It's not a cheap plane but i just can't fight with them. It shoots their mk108 30mm cannon as fast as gattling and it shoots down ALL planes in a few seconds. ----> recommendation: lower the shooting speed AND give them less ammonution (In reality the german 30mm weapons had approximately 60 rounds/cannon) GO stealth support plane ---> useless - Another MAJOR bug in the game: i was playing blitz2 yesterday with my friends in 2v2. My coop has left the game. After that i was unable to use ANY of my support icons (b17, artillery, paradrop) Keep up the good work, this can be one of the best mod for ZH.