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  1. N1ghtSt4lker

    Iraqi Airfield

    :D W00t!! AA on airfields is going to be great, will the other sides airfields get similar upgrades?
  2. N1ghtSt4lker

    Elite Military Groups (for US Supporters)

    Personally i'd say SEALS all the way, wouldn't it be great if you could sneak attack from out of the water with SEALS. And anyway after the SAS the SEALS are the most highly trained and efficient spec. forces in the world. :o
  3. N1ghtSt4lker

    Humvees, APCs, And Tanks

    While the .50 cal is veery nice to have, personally i want the humvee equipped with a Mk19 40mm Automatic grenade launcher. Mmmm, don't you just love the sound a a grenade in the morning. :lol:
  4. N1ghtSt4lker

    North Korean Air Force

    Personally I'd say MiG 29U for NK's airforce.
  5. N1ghtSt4lker

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    Some things that I think would be cool... having a air tansport capable of carrying vehicles (artillery, humvees, avangers etc) something like the CH-47 Chinook or the V-22 Osprey. I like the idea of the buildable gaurd towers and the specialised air units such as the RC-135 and Wild Weasel. I'd also like to see a medic/corpsman infantry that would allow infantry to be healed slowly within a small radius. Delta Force should be able to laser designate targets for airstrikes, while designating a DFO should be invisible/camoflaged. a laser guided missile could be more accurate against vehicles and buildings.
  6. N1ghtSt4lker

    Official V2.0 Usa Suggestions Thread

    One thing that would be cool is if the player gets the option to upgrade the airfield. It could originally start as a improvised airstrip with 2 hangars, then the user could upgrade to the airfield we know and love. Then the user could upgrade it to an airbase, this would have 6 Hangars and reinforced concrete aircraft shelters. This would mean that only basic planes can be bought at first, then basic planes + choppers and then advanced warplanes (ie Aurora in ZH). This would also help with space issues because users wouldn't have to build as many airfields. Also the first level wouldn't have any defences, the second level should have Radar + light AA defence, but the third level should have a built in Patriot and Early Warning Radar (similar to the phsycic detector thing in YR) that tells of any planes lifting off anywhere or any airborne attacks inbound...
  7. N1ghtSt4lker

    Information Pages

    I still get the PlanetCNC 404 errors, even linking directly off the link EvilViking posted... huh, weird.
  8. N1ghtSt4lker

    The Actual Iraqi Faction Manual

    Personally I think it would be hilarious if say in a Campaign Only mission, or as a cut scene you could see the infamous Iraqi information minister speech "We will drive the infidels from Iraq, the infidels are no where near Baghdad" (American Tank rolls past in the background...). It would be similar to ZH's info newscasts. :lol:
  9. N1ghtSt4lker

    Information Pages

    Just wondering can anyone tell me whats happened to all the wallpapers and info pages. On AAOW's website all the info pages come up with a PlanetCNC 404 error, has AAOW moved its host and forgot to update the links or something. :blink: :huh:
  10. N1ghtSt4lker


    Hi, i've been a long time user of AAOW, and so far i haven't seen a blackhawk in any of the versions. Can someone please tell me where all of the blackhawks are? Every so often there is a new blackhawk model appears on cncden and in AAOW's version readme, it says that the 'hawks exist yet I cannot find one, can someone please help me as AAOW is a really great mod. :huh: :unsure: