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  1. Dave40594

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    i beleive the reason is that phil is moving... or something, which i beleive is why i stopped working with this team years ago (figured he fell off the face of the earth
  2. Dave40594

    Guess That Tank!

    i suppose ill take that turn of yours for ya :D
  3. Dave40594

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    hello all, just wanted to say hi!, especially to phil... dunno if ya remember, but i was one of the original beta testers for this mod :P, back before the first public release!!! only, i cant remember why i stopped beta testing...
  4. Dave40594

    Blitzkrieg I

    ah, thank you!
  5. Dave40594

    Blitzkrieg I

    well ill be damned!, i go lookin for a cool mod for generals and i find Blitzkrieg II, i check it out, and it looks like you guys also made Blitzkrieg I, dunno if ya guys remember me, but i was a beta tester for Blitzkrieg I!!!, dont remember what happened with it though... :( Edit: I think the leader of the mod teams name was paul... spoke german, liked rammstein...