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  1. BlackHawk90

    Funny Video Thread

    ...sorry for the WoW reference
  2. BlackHawk90

    Funny Video Thread

  3. BlackHawk90


    I was inactive for 2 weeks then they killed my account... sigh...
  4. BlackHawk90

    I Want One

    Both are good, duel weilding would be epic
  5. BlackHawk90

    I Want One

    Love inside (not nsfw <_< )
  6. BlackHawk90

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    Ba Dum Tish
  7. BlackHawk90

    Zeno Clash: Amazing Indie Source Game!

    Looks like Oblivion.. like The Shivering Isles ish
  8. BlackHawk90

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    Please dear god no...
  9. BlackHawk90

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Duke Nukem Theme Song - Megadeth
  10. BlackHawk90

    Red Alert 3

    http://na.llnet.cnc3tv.ea.com/u/f/eagames/..._BetaTester.exe Another map for anyone interested :) EDIT: And this http://au.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/redaler...&pid=944928
  11. BlackHawk90

    Funny Video Thread

  12. BlackHawk90

    Funny Video Thread

    Haha wow EA can show some respect to another gaming company! could it be that they.. they.. have a soul?
  13. BlackHawk90

    Firefox 3

    Any1 notice how the mouse pointer was a OSX one then it changed to a Vista one?
  14. BlackHawk90

    Virginia: Wic Custom Map Going Official!

    I saw this on my ISP gaming page and i was like... it couldnt be... and now its confirmed... lol nice work man...
  15. BlackHawk90

    The Geek Quiz