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  1. Godwin

    The Earth Is Flat!

    I guess you're the smartest guy around then? Being devout and religious or spiritual does not make you an extremist. You're letting your hatred for religion cloud your judgement there, based on that shit I can just as easily say you're a retard too. And the next time you try to make a point, try to be intelligible and do some research on the people you're actually trying to hurt.
  2. Godwin

    Holy Crap!

    I'm not sure if hosting counts as a shitton, not to say I personally am not grateful for whatever help we did get, I just can't remember much of back then. And hi Marsh.
  3. Godwin

    The Earth Is Flat!

  4. Godwin

    Could It Be True?

    The units and their abilities do sound pretty interesting and fresh. I think it is hugely unfair to say that EALA isn't thinking out of the box, RA2 was already their platform for trying out wacky RTS ideas, and now they're just furthering that with the new engine, nobody should have delusions that RA3 is going to be even vaguely serious in tone. You can be as critical as you want because you weren't witness to or part of the process, but you'll never know just what they've explored, tried, and discarded. Can you honestly say that you thought about putting Japan or structures on water into the mix before them? If you don't like the game, don't watch it, don't buy it, don't play it, it's really quite very simple. And you want space battles? Oh hay Starcraft 2. See what I mean? Rattus: Battlezone
  5. Godwin

    Kosovo Declares Independance

    Luckily for all of us you don't get your way, cause that is just a very stupid thing to say.
  6. Godwin

    Operation Chanology

    You're missing the point, Phoib.
  7. Godwin

    Could It Be True?

    Those people are stupid and know nothing about mods or the modding community we have. We're not that good.
  8. Godwin

    Raf Marshalling Airplanes

    Great except for James Blunt. I've got questions though, do the pilots really need marshalls? Aren't there set actions and gestures? It seems to me the main point of the man on the ground is to say "turn 'now'" or "stop 'now'", but wouldn't pilots get confused at all by the crazy perfromances this guy gives?
  9. Godwin

    Operation Chanology

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=rCGP-0545EU And Icon, stop calling them "the church" and pretentious full names like "The Church of Scientology" as if it would lend you more journalistic credibility or shit like that. Because it does not, it only serves to be bloody annoying when you're clearly already biased against the cult. So stop.
  10. Godwin

    Keep Away From 4chan

    4chan is not just about memes and macros, so your point is moot. And that one wasn't even funny.
  11. Godwin

    Don't Drop The Soap!

    Is that Ghettopoly real? It would make a hilarious party game.
  12. Godwin


    Goose, don't be a dick, seriously. Google for cncguild or project perfect mod. You may find more help on their forums since they have a more active modding resource community.
  13. Godwin

    Three Abrahamic Faiths

    This, is the danger of labelling yourself something, anything. Bad shit happens, and everyone who might share that label come to share the characteristic. Left? Right? Communist? Atheist? Christian? Punk? Emo? I guess it's also important to then not generalise and just categorise a bunch of people by an attached label. So you say you're Christian? Let your actions speak for you. People are too caught up with belonging to their fucking posses judging other posses. I rarely even call myself Christian anymore realising that my actions do not always reflect or represent the teachings of Christ. That and people are so hard on for name calling and stereotyping. I agree with you Opals, more should be done to bring light to bad teaching and to root it out, but it will take time, given the core discrepancies people have in even interpreting scripture. I only hope that there are people where you are that stand up to fundamentalism, and not with hate, because that only makes things worse. And please don't turn this into a ATHEISTS PWN U RELIGIOS NUTS HAHA thread. I don't truly believe that will get us anywhere.
  14. Godwin

    Ea To Make Totally Free, Ad Backed Battlefield Game

    Sounds like it's probably going to be a modified 1942 or somesuch. And you saw one picture. One. And it's "copying TF2"?
  15. Godwin

    Plane On A Treadmill

    I think the point of the treadmill is just to say that there's a force counteracting whatever forward thrust the aircraft produces, so as to negate any movement generated forwards. So no force=no movement. But any force/movement will anyway be counter-balanced by the treadmill. Thusly aircraft will remain "stationary", that is, creating thrust but staying at the same spot, and not take off, because it has no take off speed for lift. It's really quite simple? Mr 48, what is the contention here? Wheels will not be called wheels if they didn't turn and act like wheels.