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    Skirmish Problem

    Ok, I installed act of war into my zero hour directory. I started the game and went to skrmish. only china gla and united states are there. It doesnt have iraq or any of the others. Anyway i start a skrmish and after 30 seconds suddenly everything dies.... everything blows up ( playing as United States). Please help me here
  2. last post i have the blitz 2 files (blitz art etc.) in ea games folder where the command and conquer generals and zero hour folders are. its sitll saying the same thing. does blitz 2 automatically know where zero hour and generals are or do i have to put them in some kind of folder together. thx and sry :unsure:
  3. can blitz 2 work with blitz 1 still in the vanilla generals folder
  4. Ok all my folders for zh and generals are in program files/ea games/command and conquer generals/generals same for zh except command and conquer generals/ zero hour. blitz is in program files. would this work with all updates
  5. so blitz 2 can run even from program files rather then in the zh folder
  6. Ok I gotta be doing something wrong. Wat u mean by vanilla generals? When i install blitz it extracts to c/program files i move it to zero hour folder. is that right? Could you give a list and tell me the steps of what exactly i should do or what i have to download. sory about this i really would like to get this running though. Thx for ur help
  7. Ok, the installation is fine but when i try running it it comes up with error 1b or something corrupt and missing files please reinstall. Well I reinstalled and it doesnt work. I am running zh v1.04. please help... :(