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    New Site Design

    Very clean. Nice to be able to really read everything. I have just one suggestion. Make the title of the update i.e. "NEW SITE DESIGN" larger and a color other than black. ;) oh... what exactly are we voting on on the bottom left? fav? least fav? Keep up the excellent work guys.
  2. DarkRed

    United States Is Nearly Complete

    oh geez i forgot... when i deploy from the command center sometimes it lets me designate the drop zone but the aircraft will never fly out. perma satellite info though! rare occurance so i have not been able to isolate it based on anything specific. weird bug.
  3. DarkRed

    United States Is Nearly Complete

    paladin- the timer shadow runs normally and then when its ready to deploy i get the red circle with the diagonal line from both the sidebar and the command center. only on the infantry drop and the a-10 supression bombing are affected. all other generals powers function normally when i capture enemy buildings. also (i cant remember if the original c&c zerohour did this or not) if i happen to capture an enemy gla supply stash, create some workers, fly them into my base on a stallion guarded by apaches, build all prerequisite buildings and build a scud storm, there should be a new box on the sidebar. you know like when a cruise missile control tower is completed. that would be nice. anyhoo... someone should add the color olive drab! (and then my name here would change of course :lol: )
  4. DarkRed

    United States Is Nearly Complete

    i have been following this mod for quite some time now but never really got around to posting. now i have to say that im getting really excited. i have had all my buddies mod their game and its pretty much a nightly festival. just wondering, there is a bug that disables some of the superpowers when enemy buildings are captured... has this been resolved? i dont like losing the infantry air drop and the supression bombing when i want to make my own tunnel network :D (so say when us captures iraqi anything we lose level 5 powers?) and i dont know if its possible but it would be cool if the little bird could have different configurations in the same way the marine can switch from flashbang to machine gun i.e. set for infantry insertions (as it currently is) and change to rocketpods (or hellfire) and not fly so low (more like the real deal). might make that little thing a bit too powerful ;) anyway, keep it up guys i'm really looking forward to the next public release.