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  1. Torlek

    The Texas Terrorist

    Item the first, you're bothering to look at faux news. Of course they're going to support the guy because he went after the "dam guv'mint" as the rednecks around here like to say. That said I think "terrorist" is a slightly misused label here. He wasn't trying to use terror to change any form of government or influence the government to change anything. He was a single nut that had access to a small plane and murderous intent. Really given the results it's not hugely different from a lone nut with access to a car and murderous intent or a lone nut with access to firearms and murderous intent. Frankly I don't foresee anyone being terrorized by this. He didn't have an agenda so much as a gripe. Now on the other hand while the pants bomber didn't kill anyone he was stopped in attempting an attack that 1.) targeted civilians exclusively 2.)was intended specifically to terrorize and send the message that "you aren't safe anywhere" 3.) was done with the highly probable backing of an organization with a definite agenda of at least massively changing the foreign policies of the western bloc. Plane + murderous intent != terrorism.
  2. Torlek


    In the past you actually had to stand up and debate, no so anymore. Now the minority party simply has to register that it is filibustering the bill, thus essentially giving the minority party the ability to kill any bill by simply refusing to debate the subject. Obviously that's one thing that needs to change about the Senate. That and term limits for the legislative branch.
  3. Torlek

    Uk Military Thread

    ACU is not a very Iraq friendly pattern, there's too much green in it. I can say that it works great in a woodland environment and I imagine it'd work better in parts of Afghanistan as it might blend in with rock better. If memory serves there's also forests in parts of Afghanistan. I tend to think the Marines were right on this matter since they kept different desert and woodland camo patterns.
  4. The part that scares me is this bit: What the hell type of logic is that? That's the type of logic a police state uses to arrest anyone within 50 yards of a protest. Britain, you justice system is officially screwed up.
  5. Torlek

    Modern Warfare 2

    Monkey is right, it's atypical to play CoD for the overarching story. More typically the focus is on the action set pieces. Holding Pegasus Bridge, storming Red Square in Stalingrad, defending Hill 400, infiltrating Pripyat. Those sort of sequences are what CoD has always done right. In the WW2 ones the story is history and in MW it's something to move you from firefight to firefight. Also, Penny Arcade summed this up quite succinctly, PC gaming is not the focus of the industry anymore. Hasn't been for a while. It's just that IW has finally defected to the console side. Seriously, watch the MW2 tv spots. Guess what, all Xbox branded. No mention to the PC, no PS3, just Xbox. PC gaming isn't dead, but it is fast becoming an afterthought.
  6. Torlek

    Film Star Patrick Swayze Dies

    Let's put it this way: I saw a "BREAKING NEWS! Patrick Swayze Dies from Cancer" headline on cnn and not five minutes later I saw a Kanye/Swayze meme on a forum. Forget the speed of light, the internet moves at the speed of memes.
  7. Torlek

    Anti Obama Rhetoric Reaches New Lows

    The ones I love are the ones that say, "Keep the government out of my medicare!" How their stupidity doesn't kill them I shall never know.
  8. Torlek

    Michael Jackson Dead?

    What the hell's going on? If I were a 50 year old celebrity right now I'd be quaking in my boots.
  9. Torlek

    Iran Elections Turned Revolution?

    My fear is that the Revolutionary Guard will make good on their threat from last week to violently put down any protest/revolt/revolution. Or if they were really crafty they'd let the Guardian Council do a recount in Mousavi's favor and then stage a coup "in defense of the revolution" to install Khamenei and Ahmadinejad on top of an extremely hardline government. The problem with trying to judge the outcome right now is that we only hear news coming from Tehran and maybe a couple of other cities. There's no word on what the rest of the country's doing.
  10. Torlek

    North Korea Performs Second Nuclear Test

    Why do you think both sides stockpiled thousands of nukes and would have 20+ warheads targeted on a city?
  11. Torlek


    Oh wow, multiplayer in that is going to be nuts. It's going to be a continuous wave of grandfather paradoxes. That said, I want to play.
  12. Torlek

    Empire Total War - Demo

    It is, I still don't get the problem people have with it. Even if it is DRM it's a hell of a lot better than the crap you get when you install an EA game from a retail disc.
  13. Torlek

    Empire Total War - Demo

    Yeah, I got him once. It didn't do anything special though, it just said "enemy general killed". That was also the time my dragoons got stuck in trees so that round was a decidedly mixed bag.
  14. Torlek

    Made In China

    This'll be on Mythbusters within the next year I imagine.
  15. Torlek

    Empire Total War - Demo

    It's everything I hoped it would be sans the few expected bugs. The game will almost be worth it for the naval combat alone but the land combat is also very pretty even if pathfinding is still a bit buggy.