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    Problems Running Installer

    ok i think that was it, i pretty much just reinstalled everything and its working now, thanks for the help EvilViking :) so far i'm having a blast playing, thanks again
  2. Pengy_2000

    Problems Running Installer

    ok,,got a little progress,,i cleaned up everything from the first few times, now i get a message that says i've encounterd a serious error. Serious errors are caused my viriusus, overheated hardware blablabla. Well i've run my virus scan the other day, i'm gonna run it again and check my temps, but only time i've gotten this message,,any ideas? oh and i got it from a different download site :)
  3. I keep getting the error message AAOW11.exe is not a valid win32 application, I've tried downloading it a couple of times and still get the same thing,,any ideas? I'm runnin win xp home sp2, amd sempron 1200 mhz with a gig of ram and enough hard drive space to go around. never been good with this type of error, please help :D thanks guys looks great and hope i can play it sooon