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    EULA = End User Licence Agreement. In theory, you agree to everything in it before installing the game. But as products go, if you disagree, no shop will take it back as technically it isn't faulty and thus they are not obliged to. And you cannot see/read the EULA before you buy the game either. In effect, you are ass-raped without the courtesy of a reach-around, and ppl stand for it because "it's only a computer game". Great, isn't it?
  2. Major_Gilbear

    Got 2.5 Working... I Think

    RA2YR is hardcoded to only allow one turret. The other things have prolly been already been tweaked anyway, as the staff are on a *much* later veriosn thatthe current public version.
  3. Major_Gilbear


    You know, I nearly posted a link for it. But since it was the first fucking link that Google threw up, I thought that maybe you could do just one thing for yourself. Remember, Google is your friend...
  4. Major_Gilbear

    Screenshot Throat V3

    No, not really. Frontline was made publicly available, and still exists. Thus, the ww2 mod "Frontline" for RA2 is still in use. So leave it alone, and don't go stealing it please.
  5. Major_Gilbear


    1) You can mute the ingame music and play your own in the background... Voila, problem solved. 2) Yes, they look different because the older beta is currently the only one available for download. the screenies are from the Staff beta, and so are currently only available to staff. IMO Blitz needs an FAQ, as I'm sure the same questions keep getting asked! :blink:
  6. Major_Gilbear

    We're Still Alive!

    Yes, because television documentaries are usually so unbiased, accurate and reliable... Seriously, TV documentaries are best for watching footage of hard-to find film. Their info is usually poor as (surprising for some ppl perhaps) their main purpose is to get TV ratings, not to diseminate information.
  7. Major_Gilbear

    We're Still Alive!

    I agree with Mig, though I also think the bridge sections should look chunky and cracked, rather than their current plastic appearance; in that pic they seem dented and bent to me.
  8. Major_Gilbear

    We're Still Alive!

    Yeah, much better. Coupla things *really* stand out IMO though: > RA2 Oil Derrick... Nuff said. Ditto Warehouses. > Bridge repair huts. IMO, even the TS ones would look more appropriate. > Bins. They didn't have wheeled dumpsters for loading mechanically onto a rubbish truck back in the 40's... > Statues. There must be loads that you can donload and convert from free 3d modelling sites, and applying a suitable texture should be quite easy. I think the additional variety would be good, and fit in better too. > Churches/cathedrals. Same as above. > Paving still very dominant. could you lighten it perhaps? Not only would it look dominate visually less, but it would contrast better against the roads too. > Last but not least, the Command Bunkers no longer fit with anything else at all. Any chance you could redo them, even if it just along a similar design? I think your new stuff is all much, much better.
  9. Major_Gilbear


    Die Walk├╝re could get pretty tedious after a while though...
  10. Major_Gilbear


    Personally, I was always surprised that the Panzerleid never mad the mod...
  11. Major_Gilbear


    As a Staffer on both mods, I can only agree with this is the strongest possible terms :).
  12. Major_Gilbear


    It is because you have an earlier version of the mod than the current (staff-only) version. When the new version is publicly released, you will have all the units/buildings appear (and behave) as in the more recent screenshots...
  13. Major_Gilbear

    Screenshot Thread V2

    What is still going?
  14. Major_Gilbear

    Hero Unit

    I guess you've never heard of Richard Marcinko then? Okay, he's not technically a "Rambo", but he could be considered a "Colonel Burton" kinda character without too much difficulty...
  15. Major_Gilbear

    Screenshot Thread V2

    I know he meant at range, hence his "Generals-style" comment. In EBFD, Harkonnen Flame Troopers are given heavier armour to give them a better chance of closing with the enemy (even Atreides and Fremen snipers need two shots). I thought that if such an idea were implemented, Blitz flametroopers could either be faster of have heavier armour to improve thier chances of assaulting a building. Still, flames and flamethrowers have other issues in RA2YR, and that IMO is why they are better left out. Not because they can't evict troops from buildings (even if it isn't "Generals-style").