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  1. Splicerxp

    Downloads Dont Work

    i went too teh site and no download areas work? im just wondering im not sure where too put this but im too tired anyhow
  2. Splicerxp

    Massing Ai

    i have a very good comp either its the stupid particles n junk or its the The First Decade or its just to many programs on my comp
  3. Splicerxp

    Massing Ai

    hey guys can you make the AI mass more cuz when i play maps with the AI further away it tends to build a huge deffending force more than a attacking and tends to lag me up
  4. Splicerxp

    Ai Prob

    hey guys um the AI in game sucks i check the list button it shows which are playing or not and it says there defeated and i win plz fix this
  5. Splicerxp

    Us Marines

    first of all its just a mod its not real life and the ducking behind cars n stuff like that ur thinking of the game Act Of War with the cool animations n stuff
  6. Splicerxp

    Gas Masks

    will there be like nerve gas masks option for any U.S. Infantry because the iraqis used nerve gas against the kuwait people i think they still use it it could be a generals promotion for the Iraqi side Edit: IS ANYONE GONNA AWNSER THIS OR NOT???!!!!???!! im very impatient because my question have had almost 100 people read it but no one posts
  7. Splicerxp

    Will Navy Be Included?

    enlighten me
  8. hey guys will this game work for C&C The First Decade Yuris Revenge?
  9. Splicerxp

    Will Navy Be Included?

    lemme guess beach landing? navy strikes from the U.S. Carriers?
  10. Splicerxp

    Aaow With The First Decade

    or you can just install modtoaster and simply download it and problem solved if you haven't a clue of what im talkin about check out there homepage here http://www.isotx.com/
  11. Splicerxp

    Will Navy Be Included?

    hey guys will naval combat be included in future versions?