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  1. IconOfEvi

    Happy 2022

    I see our worlds are changing much more than we ever thought they would...
  2. IconOfEvi

    Happy 2021

    It could be worse, you know
  3. IconOfEvi

    Happy 2019

    You lot were in my heart on New Years Day, I just wanna recall I can't actually remember anymore if it was because I was drunk, or WASN'T drunk, and made me cast my mind
  4. IconOfEvi

    Happy 2018

    I like how we've had years to get more practiced, but many interactions carry on in the same theme as they were before ^^
  5. IconOfEvi

    Christmas Haul

    Harder when it's your own parents. Mom is starting to...I'm surprised she actually held off as long as she did. Wew
  6. IconOfEvi

    Christmas Haul

    Of course I would remember to come back here, and so would you lot. Love you all, and the days will return, I think. That said, family stuff still coming up, since I'm at weird hours. Probably won't be called into work today (security). That's a very nice haul there. I'll be getting a new chair finally for my workstation, and various other things I don't know yet. Oh right, I forgot. Some of us are making it in life :P I'm getting there, slowly.
  7. IconOfEvi

    Who The Hell Are You?

    On that note, did you know killakanz is engaged? A little late but no. No I didn't. Congrats, so very happy for you. I'm glad to know despite how troublesome things went in life for you, you found your sunshine.
  8. IconOfEvi

    Anyone Still Around?

    You arseholes didn't think I'd let you host a DS Reunion without me, did you? As for me, I guess comparatively my life hasn't gone so great since then. Things may be on the mend but who knows. On a side note, it's odd. Whenever I reinstall my OS or something, to this day, I set DS as my homepage. Times, times don't change. :(
  9. IconOfEvi

    Who The Hell Are You?

    And this is how you know life marches on. Opal got fucking married. Didn't even think that was possible. Congrats bruh!
  10. IconOfEvi

    Who The Hell Are You?

    It was...neat, I think.
  11. IconOfEvi


    It's not over yet bruh, it's not over! @Topaz, I'm learning how to be bogan. With luck, I may smoke Winnie Blues and drive a Ford Falcon forever
  12. IconOfEvi

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    They're not only doing TS implementation now, but RA2 too! I'm available! We can revive this!
  13. IconOfEvi

    Who The Hell Are You?

    So yeah...
  14. IconOfEvi


    I miss you glorious bastards a lot :( DS Reunion sometime?
  15. IconOfEvi

    General Mac Wuz Here

    It hurts, don't it? We lie dormant like the phoenix...