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  1. Darth Trytavius

    Germans Invade America

    It's time to nuke babe!
  2. Darth Trytavius

    Maus, Jugernauth Those Little Bugs

    Danm! I'm sick and under crack!
  3. Darth Trytavius

    Maus, Jugernauth Those Little Bugs

    Man! Thanks to break the coll part of post, very thanks! Man now but your ass bore is the road and stop complaining about how my post were dump! Damn! Does you only place there one thing cool then you se on internet, then everyone start criticating everything you post!
  4. Compared to this Ship Sized Tank: The Landkreuzer P-1000 "Ratte" This aberrational sized tank is the hugest demosntration of insanity leaded by tank engineers. Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte Category: Ultra Heavy Land Cruiser Phase Of Development: Pre-Prototype Development Start: June Of 1942 Development Team: Krupp Crew: 20+ Weight: 1000 Metric Tons (Minimum), 2000+ Tons Estimated Propulsion: 8 X Daimler-Benz Mb501 20-Cylinder Marine Diesel Engines Producing A Total Of 16,000 Horsepower Or 2 X Man V12z32/44 24-Cylinder Marine Diesel Engines Producing A Total Of 17,000 Horsepower Speed: 40 Kp/H (Supposed) Range: Unknown Length: 35.00m Width: 14.00m Height: 11.00m Armament: 2 X 280 Mm 54.5 Sk C/34 1 X 128 Mm Kwk 44 L/55 8 X 20 Mm Flak38 2 X 15 Mm Mg 151/15 Ammunition: 100 Rounds Of 280mm For Each Gun (Estimated) Other Values Unknown Armor (Mm): (Values Estimated) Turret Roof: 150 Turret Sides: 220 Turret Front: 360 Additional Armor Values Unknown Man that thing is able of starring as the center of one soviet mission called: "The Mother of all the tanks" Objective 1 Build up your base and hold the German counter-offensive (large number of tanks). P-1000 appears with two upgraded Maus escourting. Counter-offensive tanks keep arriving, but in less numbers. Objective 2 Hold the P-1000 until reinforcements arrive. Objective 3 Destroy the P-1000 at all the costs. Mission Features -Only Rodina is avaible -Carpet Bombing is not avaiable until "Objective 3" -"Ratter" is powerful and resistant like the hell! :P :D :lol:
  5. Darth Trytavius

    What About The Dead Ar3

    Two years ago there was a plan to make the sequence of AR2 for generals, is there are any chance that in the future someone restart doing it? Even if in 2007, 2008, 2009, etc...
  6. Darth Trytavius

    Finally - An Update!

    So this is the weapon then Bush was looking for. :P
  7. Darth Trytavius

    Problems With Genesis

    No, it was just a doub. I asked because usualy then a game is called (name) 2 is because there is an another came that came first with the same name.
  8. Darth Trytavius

    Problems With Genesis

    The Aurabelt is the problem, give me a good build plan to use then. Nice game hope we get AR2 6.0 soon! Obs: If this is AR2 what the hell was AR1?
  9. Darth Trytavius

    R3 Man! Finally!

    Ok! That's a joke! But, you all were follish enought to read and answer that post! DUH!
  10. Darth Trytavius

    Problems With Genesis

    Please, could you give me an good strategy to play with Genesis. Uh? I have no idea how to build a base using the solar conectors.
  11. Darth Trytavius

    Need Answers.

    I meaned no AA armory (a.k.a stationary defences) Not even Genesis have then I guess.
  12. Darth Trytavius

    R3 Man! Finally!

    Lets all comemorate!
  13. Darth Trytavius

    Need Answers.

    Always then the AI uses a Super Weapon the game crashes. Nemesis doesn't have AA weaponry. Is the Scrin going to be a playable side in any future releases?
  14. Darth Trytavius

    Heavy Doub?

    If Blitz I is complete, why when I download and play it there are some goofs, like the airfield which is the same of RA.
  15. Darth Trytavius

    Where I Find A Good Generals Zh Editor For Modding

    Thanks for you to be anoing me fool!