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  1. zyrex25


    will v2.0 valid to download in modtoaster 2?
  2. zyrex25

    Finally - An Update!

    i want to play this badly right now, but for right now, im playing act of war
  3. zyrex25

    The Mod

    is the mod near to a finish? i can't wait! kindly pm when finish lol
  4. zyrex25


    lol, ment tht Fog Of War, tht wt i ment about FOW
  5. zyrex25

    Original Armaments

    i ment tht, the units will have a little longer range, so it looks realism tht it has long range.
  6. zyrex25

    Mission Maps

    well it could be kool if making it like a valley, then troops only one tht can get through, just like the ra in ps1
  7. zyrex25

    Capturing Pows In 2.0

    u all fighting about capturing POW!?! Why dont the US use smoke G. 2 knock the hell out of those iraqis and captured them!?! and iraqis use rocks to knock US or NK out!!! (just kidding), anyways in pro:gen the guys whose knocked out in become POW, they do somelike kneel and become like salvage crates, but diff. in aaow, u can use the captured ones has spies, like in c&c:ra2:yr, but actually enemies add. US uses smoke g. to capture enemy infantry NK uses maybe like hit enemy ifantry with the butt end of their rifles and iraq use tranq. darts ps. suggestion only
  8. zyrex25

    Dead Units Last Longer

    wtf u guys talking about? all yous get off topic...
  9. zyrex25

    Various Ideas

    big airfields are nice, but to much space taken and build maybe one aircraft, in some other mods, they developed a paratrooping jet, but doesn't even eject nicely just let them fly in to the air and land damaged
  10. zyrex25


    wht's all the versions of AAOW?
  11. zyrex25

    Mission Maps

    in the mission maps, wouldit be better if it will be like red alert? troops only, u guys can make like ur inside buildings, by shortening the space of the troops to walk a make it like a hallway, i would create one send sample, but my worldbuilder has a error, and there's should be the mission irene
  12. zyrex25


    i got blitz2 already, but i don't see any stuart flamer, ???, maybe wht i have is a demo? help me out here
  13. zyrex25

    Infantry Tech

    hi new here, i got this mod, the allied forces use BAR, they should be only like support, there should be M1 Garand and Thompson SMGer's
  14. zyrex25

    Dead Units Last Longer

    wht if it would be posible the dedad units last longer in the field, for like it really died, like in counterstrike source
  15. zyrex25


    would it be possible if like the ranger flashbang could really shorten the other players FOW, like for ex. when the iraq infantry was flashbanged, their sight if the FOW, will shorten like their blind, and smoke g. could kill them