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  1. Mr.48

    British People Congratulate Your New King!

    You're canadian. Technically you're still under the queen. STFU. No shit, Sherlock.
  2. Mr.48

    British People Congratulate Your New King!

    Oh yeah? Well my head of state can beat up your head of state!
  3. Mr.48

    So...let Me Get This Straight.

    Fine fine, I guess we'll have to go back to the boring wars of today.
  4. Mr.48

    So...let Me Get This Straight.

    Yeah I guess the Soviet Union lost WWII then because they didnt end up taking all of Germany like they decided they wanted to after the beginning of the war right? They won because they achieved all their initial objectives, which was to repel the German attack and reclaim all lost territories. Any objectives they set after the war actually started dont count because they weren't the causes of the war to begin with. Seizing the entire Korean peninsula only became an objective of opportunity after the initial objectives were met, the fact that the initial objectives were met means the UN was victorious despite losing any "bonus" territory the temporarily gained. Also, I guess this report never existed: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1950-korea-un1.html since the UN commission on Korea was never formed right? And the armistice was never signed right? I mean they "still sit teeth barring at eachother" after all. Why dont you just come out and admit you made a silly comment right at the beginning instead of making yourself look even more foolish trying to defend it? Calling you out on foolish notions is not flaming, its just you being unable to back off from an erroneous position. EDIT: And before I forget the third aim: "3. all UN members to support the United Nations in achieving this, and refrain from providing assistance to the North Korean authorities. (Didn't happen)" Wasnt fulfilled because China and the USSR ended up helping North Korea but that hardly matters since the whole point of including that was to help achieve the main objective of throwing North Korea back to the 38th parallel, and since thats exactly what happened, saying the UN lost the Korean war because China and the USSR disobeyed a UN resolution (while they were at war with a UN force) is just outright silly.
  5. Mr.48

    So...let Me Get This Straight.

    Wow, do you try to be this stupid or something? So, the UN accomplished its objectives of throwing the North Koreans back to the 38th parallel and North Korea failed in its objective of seizing the entire Korean peninsula. Any questions? I realize that you already have a reputation for being an idiot around here but maybe you should try to change that instead of reinforcing it.
  6. Mr.48

    So...let Me Get This Straight.

    Hey maybe you should read before posting: Peak strength is not total strength employed. Also, when one side achieves its objectives in a war and the other does not, that constitutes a victory.
  7. Mr.48

    Bear Stearns

    Oh my god, the pothead riots will consume Europe! P.S. Yes I'm still alive, I was just out of action for a bit because of exams.
  8. I'm going to be the guy hanging off the plane :D Also, between this and Mythos I like this new direction PC gaming is starting to go in.
  9. Mr.48

    Remote Control Tazer Bracelets

    You guys are all way off, automobiles is where its at.
  10. Mr.48

    Bay Of Pigs Meets Iran-contra In Palestine

    Because the western world likes to cling to the pipe-dream known as the "roadmap to peace" which requires Israel to negotiate with a Palestinian partner. The fact that the only two Palestinian groups with any real power to negotiate are both brutal terror gangs doesnt seem to hit home for people over here. So instead of going the harder route of taking steps to insure that aid money is used for humanitarian aid and not guns and ammunition (thus fostering an environment where non-violent Palestinian leadership can emerge) the west simply chooses the slightly lesser of two evils in Fatah and tells Israel and the Palestinians to make do. Negotiating with Fatah is pointless when their own people hate them for their corruption even as the Al-Aqsa martyrs under their control still attack Israel. Sharon for all his faults realized the truth of the matter and did the right thing by withdrawing the religious settlers from Gaza by force and putting the ball in the Palestinian court. If he'd been around longer he might have been able to do the same for most if not all of the settlements in the west bank. After a unilateral withdrawal the security fence combined with a system like Skyguard would be able to eliminate most threats the Palestinian militants pose. Unfortunately, Olmert doesnt have Sharon's balls or reputation as a hardass needed to stand up to the ultra-religious right wingers in the Israeli parliament to pull off something like that.
  11. Mr.48

    Now The Time Has Come For Us To Step Back Into The Light

    Weird, I remember playing something like that. Maybe some sort of alpha or beta version. I think it was a pseudo-side scroller. Edit: It was actually Blackthorne.
  12. Mr.48

    Bay Of Pigs Meets Iran-contra In Palestine

    Why is everyone so surprised? Fatah is just a more secular version of Hamas (although some might argue thats an inherent improvement) and the two of them hold both the Palestinians and Israelis in a vice.
  13. Mr.48

    Remote Control Tazer Bracelets

    As if we need any more reasons not to fly
  14. Mr.48

    Democracy Is Not American Idol

    Clearly this guy should have won:
  15. Mr.48

    Bear Stearns

    Demonic possession posed a threat in the 70's and 80's as evidenced by the Exorcist and Evil Dead documentaries, but with the exception of a few incidents have become more like a fad for paranormal investigators than a real danger lately. Vampires and werewolves tried making a comeback for the first time since the 90's in the last couple of years, but were easily beaten back. Zombies on the other hand pose a very real threat in today's world as the recent "rage" incidents in Britain demonstrated.