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  1. Natus

    Derelict Studios Announces Carmen Sandiego!

    Has everyone been drinking.... April fools.
  2. Natus

    The Evilnessness Thing

    :o It seems we have two of the same unlucky numbers
  3. Natus

    Counter-Strike: Source

    Played CS: S but I didnt enjoy it much, not my kind of thing. It has its pros but I simply am not a big fan of it.
  4. Natus

    The Zombie Accord

    This thread makes me feel defiled o_O
  5. Natus

    How Ready For The Christmas Season Are Ya?

    I hate Xmas, means I have to happy and "Jolly", why cant everyone just be miserable sods like me and simply enjoy the wonders of vodka over christmas.
  6. Natus

    Aaow Intro And Story Thus Far

    That story needs a hell of alot of work. If you want a military story writer who also doubles as someone with expert knowlegde of modern day warfare I suggest you find MSpencer off the Modern Warfare (CoD), he has expert knowledge and is a half decent story writer, hes got a good grasp on such items. http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showuser=1078 One of the best going, he might be a useful asset to you.
  7. Natus

    Spam These Days

    Its annoying, especially when it offers breast enlargment procedures and penis extensions. You wonder how these people get your email...
  8. Natus

    Bit Quiet Here...

    Soon we hope, forums hopefully will be operational tonight.
  9. Natus

    Odd Ai

    Genesis attack scripts need a lil work, and also they could build freely without use of Aura belts.
  10. Natus

    Ingame Screenshots

    Mmm, nice anti air support in background. But why didnt have an infantry squad taking the brunt of the punishment to buy your armour time?
  11. Natus

    Ingame Screenshots

    Classy stuff indeed.
  12. Natus


    For the love of god, stay on topic. This should be about AR2 discussion, not about random, pointless items. Arranging a game in the same topic like this is kinda OT. Now, to try and steer this into something productive. Im wondering, is there any more screens of any new builds to look at? (Please note, im trying too try and make a topic that may have a purpose instead of something random and pointless.) And for those who think AR2 is on ice (no pun intended) it aint, just have a little patience. Good things come to those who wait.
  13. Natus

    Next Version

    Gamemates doing his usual first class work I see. Excellent stuff, kudos to you. :unsure:
  14. Natus


    Ok, please, someone, get this on topic. Talk about the VXLs, say something in relation to the topic...
  15. Natus

    Playing Against 7 Ai's

    Odd question, and I know its OT, but how many new maps will be added for 5.0?