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    Love playing Command And Conquer Zero Hour its one of the best games to ever come out on the market and I love to Play Socom 3 for PS2 <br><br>
  1. PedroV1500

    Notice: No More Unnecessarily Negative Topics

    YOU GUYS ARE DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.No updates since last October.Nice job.Cold War Crisis and Vietnam GO is going to demolish you guys.
  2. PedroV1500

    Finally - An Update!

    Hmm I think the mod is clinging to life right now..... -beep...beep...beep- :o Someone better heal it
  3. PedroV1500

    What Happened ?

    Is the mod dead ? There has not been an update since early October...... :unsure: -funeral song plays-
  4. PedroV1500


    Well I wonder how the project is coming along so far ? Hope there will be an update soon. Happy New Year
  5. PedroV1500

    An Act Of War Becomes Reallity!

    Can't wait to see what happens =] in the campaigns :)
  6. PedroV1500


    Im sure that so many people would be very happy to have An Act Of War To Play for command and conquer for christmas :) just imagine how many young kids would be os happy lol ; But im sure u guys are working as hard as u can Hey I rather wait so it comes out and there arent any bugs oo and Happy Thanksgiving people B)
  7. PedroV1500


    ok....and ? I was just finishing it not continuing and idc wut the other person says i go by my opinion and i dnt need to listen to anyone else's
  8. PedroV1500

    This Is Weird!

    This forum..Ive been looking in the mods lately for ZH but havent spotted anything that people might have been using material from AAOW
  9. PedroV1500

    This Is Weird!

    Wow it was restarted lol
  10. PedroV1500


    ROFL i agree with Rattus.CAS stop arguing bro who cares you wont win the argument against Bio trust me so just stop whining and think your all that.WE dont care wut your saying all we know is that AAOW is 100x more realistic then Generals or ZH combined because the units lack the power in everything alright ?So just finish it
  11. PedroV1500


    Nah the AAOW story line should stay the way it is and no even be changed.Because this mod is going to be the best when it is finished
  12. PedroV1500

    Transport Helicopters

    I Like USA's idea in which you could build a transport plane and tranport ur things around like the C5-B Galaxy transport What's Iraqs tranport type going to be ? If Korea has the Hind
  13. PedroV1500

    An Act Of War Is Back!

    Im glas you guys are back......Good Luck with the project
  14. PedroV1500

    Ee-t1 Osório

    Thats a pretty good idea...I hope they will put it in V2.0
  15. PedroV1500


    Are you guys looking for any helpers ?