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  1. So let me get this straigt... I must extract the blitzkrieg 2.0 in my C:/Program/ra2 (for example) and them play it in there. so not in C:/Program/YR + i must update YR , ? kevin k , thanks for all your help
  2. No u gotta tell me on this topic please...
  3. Hello. i have an problem whit playing blitzkrieg... i have red alert 2 (YR) but still.. Where must i instal the MOD. and whem the blitzkrieg pop up goes, and i click MOD i can wait for 3 min and them my screen goes black. later is see the Blitzkrieg HUD whit the version 1.000 . them i pick skirmis. this is what i cant do... I CANT CHOOSE OHTER PLAYERS IN GAME IF I MAKE AN RANDOM MAP AND I START THE GAME IT WILL BE NORMAL ARMY's (no ww2 skins) And it pisses me off, please help me whit this problem and what i must do... many thanks, kevin