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  1. Hello. As you might have guessed from the fact that nobody replied for over a year... Nobody really works here anymore. Some of us pop back from time to time for nostalgia reasons... But we haven't done any serious work or updates on BKII for over 10 years. R3 was... 11 years ago? The mod was developed in Windows XP... we can't even guarantee it would work in Windows Vista or 7, nevermind 10... Sorry for the lack of support, but... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm afraid the technical stuff behind this mod is likely forgottenware even to it's own devs. I remember I made a lot of tanks for this mod, but I can't remember the coding behind any of them...
  2. killakanz

    Christmas Haul

    Can't believe some of you guys still show up from time to time...
  3. killakanz

    Anyone Still Around?

    I know some people pop back from time to time. Although I suspect I drop by here more often than Phoib does. Anyways. What are people up to nowadays? For me, I think my games modding days are pretty much behind me. I still do the odd bit of 3D modelling now and again, but nothing serious. What I actually do now is livestream. Drop by my twitch channel, it'll be nice to see some of you guys hang out again.
  4. killakanz

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Nice to know someone got a career out of reading those. Even though the guy who wrote them is still a miserable failure who can't get a job in a game company even if he offered to work for free...
  5. killakanz

    Who The Hell Are You?

    On that note, did you know killakanz is engaged?
  6. We are still alive, but we tend to keep in contact via facebook these days. We've all just moved on to other things over the last decade.
  7. killakanz

    3d Modeller

    Well, I like the blind optimism of applying to a 6 year old recruitment thread.
  8. killakanz

    Who The Hell Are You?

    Congrats Opals
  9. killakanz


  10. killakanz


    Well, we definitely know you're not an impostor.
  11. killakanz

    Derelict Appreciation thread

    I merged your two threads into one. Can't tell yet if you meant to reply to specific threads and created new instead, or if you're just another spambot. Time will tell...
  12. killakanz


    I program now. Making automated testing programs in java for DHL's new international parcel tracking software and business management systems. Nothing to do with anything 3D which is what I want to be doing... :(
  13. Nice video. Certainly brings on the nostalgia. When I made the Hummel it was before it had that fire for effect ability. I spent ages getting the transition states to all work properly, complete with their little animations. Then someone modified and broke it :P Since Neo and Harry are really the only persons left working on this, it's kinda up to them now if they're going to fix it. If they're even working on it anymore at all that is.
  14. killakanz


    Thing is to get people to visit this place again we need to start up some major new projects, publicly. However, being engaged now and in full time employment with a long commute I simply don't have the sort of spare time I used to...
  15. killakanz


    Hello. I pop back once a week or so. Usually to remove addbot spammage (for example we just had one that posted 98 adverts in 5 days). Other than that, this place is kinda deserted now :(