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  1. ChineseICman

    Zero Hour

    The point of this tread is for someone to tell me if there online works, today. Becuase mine still does not. Thus if theres does not work then where is their location. It could just be that our local Internet provider (Road Runner) might be screwing up, and my friend is just a retard and belives they shut it down. As I should have said, only evidence I have is my game, and my friends is not working online. I searched myself for a hint of what my friend was talking about but I can't find Command and Conquer Zero Hour on the EA home site.They took it down I geuss, don't get me wronge they still have to tenth decade forums, but it hasn't been posted in since last year some time. I asked him where did he get the idea that it was shut down, he said it was all over the forums. He did not say which forum, so I went looking though a pile of forums not finding a thing on if they experence this problem, or if they didn't. Thats why I came to this forum (mostly becuase I have come to respect mostly all the members on these forums) to see if anyone heard anything on this problem.
  2. ChineseICman

    Zero Hour

    I'm trying to get the right story, At first it said can not connect, I didn;t worry. I just ignored it and played some EE2. Well my buddy got on later and told me that EA has shut down Zero hour and generals online so that more people would buy C&C 3. I Of course didnt belive him, becuase thats just a little crazy. Now it has been a day, and EA is pretty much on of the most money grubbing companys. Since its been a day I think They could have actually done that. So what have you guys heard, seen, and/or done about the online? Please someone assure me that this is just a myth and they are just fixing something...maybe even a patch after all these years :P
  3. ChineseICman

    Choosing Between Consoles

    Hi, Been a while, Well I got a PS3 becuase Blue-ray can hold 120 gigs I think. It can muilti layer. Plus it works for so much more. And 360 + hd-dvd drive is price of a ps3 so... And blue-ray disc players are 1000 dollrs so I got one for cheap. It replaces my computer, becuase if you download linux for ps3 you can play games that play on linux. This is my first post for 2 months since I got my ps3. I am at school and very bored. This is the only site I can visit. PS3 games intrest me more then 360, and wii. More viraty in ps3 games, imo. But its your pick not mine. But get a 60 gig, if you use it to replace your computer. 20 if you just want to game on it. I got resistence and It is awsome, the story is so sercertive to. They only reviel a little, and theres millions of theorys on what the actually story is. I got nfs carbon too. It has a glitch me and my buds found. All of us can free roam muiltiplayer. Well choose wisely, it matters on what you use it for. 1-2 hour of gaming a day is Wii. Sci-fi shooters 360. And anything else PS3.
  4. ChineseICman

    Otoko-tachi No Yamato

    Wow. I geuss I should try and find an english version. Hopefully it is a full lenght movie, not just 30 mins. I have alwas wanted to see a movie from the axis point of view. Becuase you alwas see it from the allies. Good change in pace.
  5. ChineseICman

    22 Days, 0 Hours, 45 Minutes, And 38 Seconds

    Well, My buddy just got a Wii on saturday. Its good (if we had two controllers it would have been awsome) He only got one game though. Red Steel is a very good game ( after we turned the sensitivity down) If you have 300 bucks and won't be getting more anytime soon, I'd say get a wii and a game. For me though, I have 300 and found that my com can't be upgraded ( Damn you dell) I will save up for my PS3 which I should get friday. If the shipment arrives on time that is. Oh I might just get a 20 gig, I mean I don't need the wifi, and i don't have a psp so i don't need the memorystick thing. I can just upgrade the amount of gigs later on. To bad I won't get the chrome :( I need to turn on x-fire when I play games.:(
  6. ChineseICman

    Who Do You Think?.........

    Pffft. Everyone knows China would have won world war 2 :P For real there are to many of these. It's done and allys won. Nothing can change it (exspecially another topic about who/how/what won ww2). Well good night all, I haven't posted in a while.
  7. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    For real? I live in North Carolina. Randolph county.
  8. ChineseICman

    22 Days, 0 Hours, 45 Minutes, And 38 Seconds

    Oh lol. I like that movie thing. It makes you feel good about buying a ps3. My bad for reposting it. Stumpster what!? I bought mine christman 2004 and it cant play any games past 2004. Exception of bfme. My com was on sale but then dell screwed us over. It was 400 on sale then since we didnt pay it off in one week it shot back to 800.
  9. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    Well if not dell then what? that novatech uses euro so i dont think my money is any good. HP suck same as dell. Plus I dont know anyone who can make a com. :(
  10. ChineseICman

    22 Days, 0 Hours, 45 Minutes, And 38 Seconds

    awsome ps3 videos, I found something that makes me happy. Rumor has it that sony hired a cool narrorator to do the PS3 commericals. The rumor I see would be nice if it was true but the videos made where kinda long for a commercial. But I watched both that where already made. THat guys voice makes me feel all tingly inside :0 I hope rumors are true becuase if that guys the new voice for the PS3. PS3 could go even farther.
  11. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    So I can buy a brand new com for 800 ( cheapest and prople go outdated next year) or I can go camping for 600. I think I will try camping, if it fails then I will get me a new dell.
  12. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    Coms not to old, but its a dell... 2004 dell dimension 3000. I dont know the motherboard is thats whats your saying when you say mobo 510 ram pentuim 4-2.8 ghz
  13. ChineseICman

    22 Days, 0 Hours, 45 Minutes, And 38 Seconds

    I'll get me a ps3 but, I wont be getting an HD. Im very poor so my 37 inch will just have to do.
  14. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    for the win? Wow that was simple. I thought it was freak the what or something.
  15. ChineseICman

    I Need Graphics Card

    I've seen ftw a lot but never found out what it means. Please tell me so I can finnaly know. But for real So know I'm fucked and noone will help.... Looks like I'm going to be camping out side my locale wal-mart to get a ps3 instead of a graphics card.