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  1. Richard Karl Gregg

    3d Modeller

    Did he get the job?
  2. Richard Karl Gregg

    Killa's Art Thread

    oh hello wheel :)
  3. Richard Karl Gregg

    Kanz Studioz Goes Live!

    Awesome models :) what was the test house for? Looks like you got the model bang on to the concept considering the poly count!
  4. Richard Karl Gregg

    Anti-virus Sfotware, Whats A Good One?

    thanks for you advice guys, i'll read up on these!
  5. Richard Karl Gregg

    Anti-virus Sfotware, Whats A Good One?

    Looking to buy some anti-virus software, not really sure which one to go with, I used to use Panda, but the lastest version seems sluggish... I'm looking for one doesn't rape my system resources and I hardly notice it working :) Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  6. Richard Karl Gregg

    Killa's Art Thread

    smesky as hell!
  7. Richard Karl Gregg

    Something Is Up At Blizzard

    get alittle smokey inside that helmet wouldn't it with a cigar? heh looked amazing though.
  8. Richard Karl Gregg

    Getting The W3d Viewer Running In Vista.

    woooooo Smurf with his fancy pants vista......is it anygood?
  9. Richard Karl Gregg

    A Note On C&c3 Mod Support

    heh I remember that, didn't they just end up giving us what we already had in the end?
  10. Richard Karl Gregg

    C&c3 Textures

    It was rushed. Horribly rushed. ;) Is that why the keyboard shortcut to select Nod during skirmish was useable? In regard to the cameos I like how they are presented and the size is decent enough, but some of the angles they've used seem badly considered. Although for our mods I guess there are opportunities for some creative cropping whilst still allowing the unit/building to be recognised.
  11. Richard Karl Gregg

    C&c3 Textures

    Does every building (including map objects etc...) have a cameo then?
  12. Richard Karl Gregg

    Laptop Purchasing Advice

    intel it is then :)
  13. Richard Karl Gregg

    Laptop Purchasing Advice

    I noticed the AMD laptop has DDR whereas the Intel has DDR2 is the performace difference that significant?
  14. Richard Karl Gregg

    Laptop Purchasing Advice

    Sorry i should of said what i needed it for, bascially i need it for photoshop, illustrator, flash, 3dsmax. Overall to do my graphic design work on. It doesn't matter if its big i just need something i can work away from home whilst im in the studio and in the libary at uni...im not a fan of the unis exclusive use of macs Anyways thanks for the advice the intel one does look alittle better now... Also if anyone knows of any better laptops for the same price...let me know.
  15. Richard Karl Gregg

    Laptop Purchasing Advice

    hey guys...along time since I posted here! anyways I need a new laptop ready for uni in september. At the moment I'm torn between these two: HP DV8387EA: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw...ined&tabIndex=1 HP DV8372EA http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw...ined&tabIndex=1 I don't really understand which is better in terms of AMD vs Intel. Hopefully someone who understands these issues better than me can help advise me :) Thanks alot!