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  1. Spikey00

    Feeling Nostalgic...

    Reviving our Allies Revenge 2? Impossibru.
  2. Spikey00

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    Is it really still alive, even of this current time in 2008?
  3. Spikey00

    What Is Ar2?

    I am sure I don't know, or remember the information. These forums are quite derelict of this time.
  4. Spikey00

    It's Out!

    Not bad with the trailer.
  5. Spikey00

    Any Further Development?

    If you may be able to remember me, I was quite an ethusiast with this modification. (But I must say my grammar and vocabulary was quite... atrocious in a way.) Just here to check in of whether or not Blitzkrieg 1 has had any other type of development, from I believe what was 2006? All I recall was the AI update. Of course, this is all out of interest, as Kane's Wrath is out in 2 days here. :) But I'll still check the mod out if it has had any update. Hope everyone is fine around here.
  6. Spikey00

    We're Still Alive!

    My question would be... Which mod would be better? Mig's D-Day, or Blitz? Of course, it all really doesn't matter, as long as they both rock. :D
  7. Spikey00

    It's Out!

    Hehe. I would love to see ally units combat enemy forces, on a large scale in the future. :)
  8. Spikey00

    It's Out!

    I bet there isn't a multiplayer version of this. Who will host for a measly 1-10 people? :x Still, looks like a excellently fun game. :)
  9. Spikey00

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    Oooo Voice lines. :) Besides that, how was your trip?
  10. Spikey00

    Problems, All Over.

    Ah. Well I do hope they get on it before '08.
  11. Spikey00

    Problems, All Over.

    I have no clue. =[
  12. Spikey00

    Unable To Find Units

    Well, I bet it is to offer diversity, and it is also something different.
  13. Spikey00

    Problems, All Over.

    Ahh, I see. Is there a version with working AI? I heard that 2.5 has AI from somewhere in this forum. The link to any version other than 2.6 are gone on the Blitzkrieg website, so does anyone else have a link to a possible AI-filled Blitzkrieg version? All I do is just play offline. ;)
  14. Spikey00

    Problems, All Over.

    Still does not work... =[ EDIT : I restarted my computer, and it ran. Only except that I recieve the same problem before all of your good help. :( Which was the immediate "You are victorious!" when starting a skirmish game with Hard AI. But, it did fix one thing, with the MISSING:(Faction/unit/ect). That is a start. EDIT EDIT : I was browsing along the support forums, and came along one topic. Is there actually no AI in Blitzkrieg 2.6.15?
  15. Spikey00

    Problems, All Over.

    I do believe I have downloaded the mod from FilesFront. I will redownload the mod from a different server. :P EDIT : The results : -> Downloaded from the Blitzkrieg server. -> Successful download. -> Started the Blitzkrieg mod, not from the TFD menu. -> The usual error... Overheated hardware, yadda yadda yadda... EDIT EDIT : There were no other mods in place, which could interfere with the installation. Or that I know of. :(