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  1. Amadeos

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Sorry and thnxs! :lol:
  2. Amadeos

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    why is it that the one w/o the RA2 structurs isnt released? oh and thnxs!
  3. Amadeos

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Sorry about my brothers double post, my internet is just acting up! Anywho... Whats the link(s) to get the updated one or patch? Cuz i downoaded it here, and got the older one :( thnxs! GREAT mod!
  4. Amadeos

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Its sweet n' all...... but ya think u could change the air force com. centr, ore refineries, and the other RA2 look like buildings.. But.. GJ!! NOTE: I am Amadeos's older brother... don't ban him if this is taken offenive!!
  5. Amadeos


    Nvr mind.... wong site!
  6. Amadeos

    Downloading It

    uh, when i downloaded it, its a multiplayer mod, not single player please tel me whr to download the singleplayer one Thnxs!
  7. Amadeos

    "error Activating Mod" ?

    All that is the same w/ me!! Also dose it matter if u have the multiplayer but not the single player?
  8. Amadeos

    Won't Run!

    After i install and run the beginingmenu, ( it says, Mod, deacivate, exit and manual*) I hit mod, then it says,"Error acivating mod" *Manual is greyed out! PLEASE HELP!!! thnxs!
  9. Amadeos


    Another song? Use "Aces High" by Iron Maiden
  10. Amadeos

    Blitzkrieg I

    It looks fun... But where do i download it, it says its been released but i can't find it! thnxs!