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  1. owenjimmy

    Il-2's In Game...suck :(

    They were pretty awesome in previous realeases, even having rockets... Why reduce effectiveness now?
  2. owenjimmy

    Mission Update

    okay cool.
  3. owenjimmy

    Bug Listing For R3

    light bombers and ground attack aircraft, notably the stuka, tend to arrive at thier destination hover for a bit then drop their bombs. When they drop their bombs they make some very wierd movements sometimes like jerking, jumping, the stuka also dives incredibly slowly and at wierd angles without making its banshee wail. Also they will sometimes attack targets other than the ones you designate that may be in their control area. For example you say attack that t34 and it will attack the kv1 nearby instead...
  4. owenjimmy

    Mission Update

    just one quick question, what was the reasoning behind only having 2 allied missions?
  5. owenjimmy

    Soon Is Now!

    How well and truly epic. Well done guys, awesome mod !!
  6. owenjimmy

    Hang Tough

    oooooh the excitement!
  7. "Hot Damn" pretty much covers my emotions right now. Well done to the developers and I hope for a smooth pre-release stage. :)
  8. owenjimmy

    Swine Flu

    What has american warmongering got to do with swine flu? And yes the history of mexico is rich and full of different cultures, unlike you, you racist redneck bastard.
  9. owenjimmy

    Swine Flu

    Its not because mexicans have supposedly less hygiene its because some greedy american fucks decided it would be a clever idea to put a huge pig slaughterhouse next to a village in rural mexico, its then being unhygenic by not clearing up after themselves that cuases the virus to mutate from pigs to humans. Same thing as bird flu. Your just an ignorant fool.
  10. owenjimmy

    And So It Ends

    Out of Iraq and into Afghanistan.
  11. owenjimmy

    Swine Flu

    Hey im Mexican, thats just not funny, what you guys dont understand is that although we are percieved as a lesser culture cos we clean your schools doesnt stop the fact that we are dying from a virus just like you will be in a few weeks. I personally will feel quite glad when some fat yanks start dying cos that will prove that a virus is a virus, it doesnt get to decide who it infects, unlike americans...
  12. owenjimmy

    The Front!

    Nice, keep em coming!
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of the creators of this mod (or anyone who knows) could tell me which was the last version of this mod that had AI? I understand that the newer version, 2.6.15 I believe, has no AI and that 2.7 will do. I have played the insanely hard missions on 2.6.15 and wanted to play around with some heavier tanks/aircraft. So if anyone can point me in the direction of the latest version with functioning AI whilst 2.7 is being completed. I am currently downloading 2.5 which I found from a google search, but cant remember if it has AI. Anyways thanks for the help and keep up the good work!
  14. owenjimmy

    Evil Sister

    sooooooo i guess its time to put this mod to sleep. goodnight blitzkrieg 2: the finest hour. You were always such a good mod to me. You willl be missed my many people. R.I.P
  15. owenjimmy

    Evil Sister

    its all good, but the usual question now, when abouts will this frankly great mod be released? I vaguely remember a mid June release date. kinda missed that one