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  1. Tomas

    Unable To Find Units

    When I see your pictures of BlitzKrieg I wonder why the buildings that appear when I'm playing are clumsy and diferent.
  2. Tomas

    An Act Of War Becomes Reallity!

    Thank God situation chilled out.
  3. As you know mainly resourse transport during WWII, possibly exept for the trucks, were the trains. So, why don't we make a train stations that is tech building which guives lots of bucks to the player who own it or maybe drop resourses in some strategical points of the screen.
  4. Dude the world is completely weird, war is on Iraq and possibly soon in North Korea. Well I'm posting in to show how I like you guys and how now N. Korea faction must have a nuke. Beyond everything of this I'm very worried about all you guys and the rest of the american people, in the case of a nuclear war (despite N.K low nuclear capabilities) I pray for the security of everyone because the tragedy a single real nuke could give is more than the whole world can support.
  5. In the single player the buildings doesn't looklike the ones of the posts and I could only build one refinery. How do I fix it?
  6. Tomas

    Ee-t1 Osório

    Come on, what do you have against the Brazilian made tanks and APC's. The EE-T1 doesn't make appearance in any game until now. Think in the originality that will make more people (some more then it already have :D ) to look for this mod.
  7. Tomas

    Your Own Nazy Rulership

    1-Do not stop funding advanced weapon tecnologies such as jets and rockets, fund it much more. Principally the atomic bomb. 2-Finish the Kriegsmarine fleet. 3-Send Stukas to bomb the British radar towers. 4-Use the Kriegsmarine helped by anti-ship rockets and U-boats to destroy the Royal Navy. 4,5-Triple the bombing of Crete, with help of more developed presicive A4 rockets and use Kriegsmarine to make a cooperative invasion with paratroopers (not really needed). 5-With UK unharmed against a large scale invasion send a massive amphibian assault on the Southwest Britain. 6-Alert Rommel about the allied cammouflaged movements and triple the offensive against the Northern Africa. Eventually winning it against the now fragilized 7-Incetive the japanese to fund heavily the production of rocket planes, heavy bombers, new tanks radar etc... by massive propaganda campaing that "is this how we winned the war yaddle, yaddle... and the USA is hidding a secret super advanced army yaddle, yaddle... making then a even more powerful ally with closed relationship. 8-Defeat UK with use of a high tech Blitz Machine powered up by jets, rockets, heavy bombers and carried based bombers. All before November 1941. 9-Pearl Harbour happens, send two thirds of the Kriegsmarine to help Japan. 10-Conquer Italy and become the one true power in Europe. 11-Now things come ugly, delay the invaision of URSS to March 1943. Giving time enough to build a mass of more advanced tanks such as the Tiger or Panther and equip troops heavily with snow equipament. Build snow approve tank tracks. 12-Finnaly the invasion of Soviet Union. Start it by a A4 precisive strike against the Kremling, killing Stalin and making Soviet morale to down zero. 13-Find and bomb secret production cities in URSS, cripling their production. Oppening the path for a heavilly supplied warmachine across the snow untill reach the Ural mountains. 14-Use a massive paratroop assault to capture the mountains and call an a Japanese offensive by East to make a push from two fronts in Soviet Union. 15-Deafeat the US navy to ensure japanese assault on Russia and relocate forces on pacific to attack northern Russian. 16-Defeat Soviet Union. 17-Launch atomic ICBM's (A9) and air raids against American major cities and military bases. Force then into peace. 18-Share the gains with Japan. 19-Pimp myself on the cheap women mass of the post war.
  8. What would you do if you were the Führer in WWII?
  9. Tomas

    Ee-t1 Osório

    Not a bad idea.
  10. Tomas

    Ee-t1 Osório

    Eh! What the hell? The EE-T1 was made in priority for exportation, it was destined for thirdy world country's (priorly Middle-East) because it is cheap and powerful. That's not then Iraq and Saudi Arabia have to share same military power or something. In fact the EE-T1 I suggested for Iraq is because according to history Iraq is a defeated ruined country with obsolete and near destroyed arsenal, but in AAOW Iraq is has powerful warmachine that menances the world. So the EE-T1 instead of in reallity being sold to Saudi Arabia it could be sold to Iraq. obs: this will break the chain of Middle-East factions using only Russian made tanks.
  11. Tomas

    Ee-t1 Osório

    Since this mod is a fictitious war between Iraq & N. Korea vs USA I guess then you could put in the Iraquian Faction the EE-T1 since it was ordered by Saudi Arabia but never commissioned due to USA pression for the shipment of the M1 and the First Gulf War, causing the factory ENGESA to crack. Please could you do this favor for a patriotic member of a sub-desenvolved country floded with corruption. It is a full balanced tank made with latest tecnology avaiable. Links: 1- Osório (Al Fahd) 2- Osório (Al Fahd)