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  1. From Norway

    Bbc World War 2

    I also want to download this torrent. Please PM me.
  2. From Norway

    Bug List For Upcomming Patch

    Very, very good!!!!
  3. From Norway


    This looks great!
  4. From Norway


    If you try to edit some of the datafiles in Blitz, you will no longer be able to play online. But what building limits to you wish to change?
  5. From Norway

    R3 Unit Losses & Changes

    Add them both :)
  6. From Norway

    Operation Desert Sun Release!

    Thank you! I hope I can beat the mission now :)
  7. From Norway

    New Website

    I really like the new site, it looks very nice :)
  8. From Norway

    Operation Desert Sun

    Very, very nice. I belive I am going to test this?
  9. From Norway

    Bells And Whistles

    This looks really good :)
  10. From Norway

    Starting Units

    Nope, you are stuck with those starting units. But what they should do is to remove/fix those starting units you get before you can build them.:)
  11. From Norway

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    Cool! But is there any new ingame stuff going on too?
  12. From Norway

    And The Award Goes To:

    This was the only way to get the US president to Norway. So fuck us...:) - The Nobel prize committee: "Can we do this"? *5 minutes later*: "YES; WE CAN!" ;)
  13. From Norway

    Tweaking Some Stats

    If you change something in the mod, you can no longer play online. Since you and the other player(s) will have different values for the units.
  14. What? I am sorry, but your writing is totally crap. Please rewrite what you need to to fix, so people here can help you.
  15. There will always be new units to add. But the mod is "all done" now since it's released.