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  1. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    fuck yeah BlckWyerve.
  2. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    this year was depressing so I just got high for Christmas. past Ash, if you see this. don't go down the same path I did.
  3. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    covid, see ya'll in hell
  4. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    New speakers. Really good tacos.
  5. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    slippers not skippers I don't think the edit function works
  6. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    A weighted blanket, skippers, sleep mask, popcorn maker, LED grill stuff, Dune board game, New California Republic flag, and some 40k cause I'm a stone cold badass.
  7. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    I got 50 minutes in a T-72
  8. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    I finally remember my password and Opals forgets about this?
  9. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    the password reset thing finally started working again so I can finally tell you all I got nothing for Christmas.
  10. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    I forgot to post this year. Fuck you Blck.
  11. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    This year my entire life collapsed so I spent christmas morning wandering around an empty shopping mall that someone had forgotten to lock one of the entrances to.
  12. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    I tried to post earlier but the forums were down. I got jack shit, fuck you Opals.
  13. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    I only come here for this thread. Anyhow, roads froze over, stayed home. Didn't get shit.
  14. AshJW

    Christmas Haul

    gas thread ban op
  15. AshJW

    C&c Generals 2 Incoming

    I kinda understand the rationale for doing another Generals game instead of the Tiberium ones or Red Alert but the whole thing seems weird. “Bioware Victory” for example, do they have any real connection with the people working in Edmonton or Austin? Or are they just trying to cash in on the Bioware name. Also fuck that storyline sound stupid as shit. Is it too much to ask for a modernish game with a storyline that makes some semblance of sense. If the president and vice president are killed, the a bunch of Generals are not in the line of succession. Also that trailer included footage from “Action Movie Essentials” which is lame.