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    Interests are for the weak minded...<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>btw: playing command and conquer
  1. Samurai Snack


    not nearly as much as MO but as rattuskid said, 2 modes. btw: in your sig, SovietSteel, "qoute" is spelt Quote, thats why it didnt quote that line.
  2. Samurai Snack

    We're Still Alive!

    all DS RA2:YR mods are dead...AR2 is goin slow, paradox is goin nowhere, blitz is dead...
  3. Samurai Snack

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    boy does it suck trying to kill an apoc tank with the genesis base defence building, think it's called solonoid or something like that.
  4. Samurai Snack

    Infantry Wars?

    thats probobly cuz there does not exist a game setting in Blitzkrieg called infantry wars. *hits the n00b* but i wouldn't know because Blitzkrieg has so many IEs so i cant even play the mod
  5. Samurai Snack

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    duke nukem rules...but i agree with spikey, it aint coming out in a long time
  6. Samurai Snack

    So Is This Mod Still Being Updated?

    ok thats good to know, take your time working on this mod more, i was just asking if it was dead or not.
  7. the "newest" update was the release of 5.0 and that was quite a while ago, is this mod still being updated or is everyone flocking to generals mods :( ? this is the best TC mod i've played and i dont wanna see it die.
  8. Samurai Snack

    Revora Forums Hacked?!

    if you checked CnC:Reloaded site on the first day, it said it was hacked by some arab hack site and shiz like that. and btw: all the home pages are still offline.
  9. Samurai Snack

    Revora Forums Hacked?!

    ok just yesterday, when i was on my routine of checking the mod forum sites for new posts, when i visited the C&C:Reloaded site, it had a message talking about some weird arab hack thing then today i checked the other revora mod sites and guess what? "Page not found". there was no warning of the sites going down and it has been down for a few days apparently, i also checked the reloaded site again and now the site just plain doesn't exist anymore. Man this sucks...DS is the only mod site i know that is alive because im pretty sure DS isn't hosted by CnC guild or the Revora forums
  10. Samurai Snack

    Internal Errors.

    yo i was never a fan of WWII mods, its too boring, i mean even Blitzkrieg i dont like. i definatly prefer the science fiction style mods. i got a suggestion: change the building damage voxels so the buildings LOOK more damaged and not so "minorly inconvienenced"(im talking mostly genesis).
  11. Samurai Snack

    Converted Bay Of Pigs Map

    ok i gotta say i dont really like the TS/FS or the pre-made AR2 maps much, i prefer maps that are as equal as possible but i dont like cheap maps like redzones and im not just saying this cuz u rejected my map im just saying that we have different preferences for maps. PS: one of the AR2 maps, cant remember what its name is but its the one with player1 in the top left and player2 in the bottom right, has a bunch of little bits of water and does'nt look realistic at all.i think its named "...canyon" or "canyon..."
  12. Samurai Snack

    Converted Bay Of Pigs Map

    http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=...ice_fissure.yrm heres the link to a snow map i created, made for naval/hovering units, its wide and open with plenty of cash, fiddle around with it all u want, i tested it and it works perfectly.(mainly water with a few ambient effects) i made it as realistic as i could but it MAY need some touching up.
  13. Samurai Snack

    Converted Bay Of Pigs Map

    ya i meant to put this map here just for using it, i really didnt expect it to make it into the mod. and whats weird is after using this mod for like 2-3 months or h/o time, i only JUST decided to read the storyline and realised why all of the pre-made maps are snow terrain. EDIT: i couldnt find anything that would substitute for the coastal areas in snow terrain, and the reason it's so square looking is cuz i turned off auto-shore for that one map as it's meant to look very un-natural
  14. Samurai Snack

    Converted Bay Of Pigs Map

    here's a map i converted, its the "bay of pigs" map but converted to snow terrain to work on AR2, hope you like it: http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=...polar_bears.yrm as you can see, i appropiately named it "bay of polar bears" :D just click the link and it should download, if the link does'nt work, then just copy&paste into the address bar EDIT: i may add more converted popular maps soon if it 'tis alright