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  1. kornlord283

    Guess That Tank! Part2

    Looks similar to a T-70.
  2. kornlord283

    Dow, C&c3, And Mods

    My bad :lol: I swear he's carrying a caulker or something, not a gun. Thats a horrible M3
  3. kornlord283

    A Good Reason Not To Buy Dell.

    Well now that Apple has capitulated to the Intel giant, we should be able to play something other than WC3 and Starcraft on Macs :lol:
  4. kornlord283

    Dow, C&c3, And Mods

    WH40K Dawn of War is currently the best of the new RTS's on the market Imo. Looking at Winter Assault (DoW expansion pack) and Tiberium Wars, there is obviously going to be tremendous pressure on modding standards. While I doubt that this will discourage "light" modding (think simple Rules.ini mods from TS days), and though modding skill will likely increase as technology does too, this puts the number of truly innovative and professional-looking mods in a stranglehold. There has been a disturbingly large number of remake mods as the community passed from TD, TS to RA2 to Generals, and soon to TT (read Tiberium Wars). I do not know of any TS 'total conversion' mods, PPM might barely count. With increased tools for modders, including Will's lovable Voxel Editor, a true scene for modding took off. Those of you may remember the original giants: Federation Studios, where I know AR2 was hosted in its early days; Eclipse. Blitz1, AR2, WH40K, Imperial Assault, Real War, and others. In Generals/ZH, there are very distinctive and high-quality mods: Halogen, Blitz2, the StarCraft mod, TSR, RAR, even Tower Defense. But as the actual game has become more complex (and formidable to new modders), new mod material seems to diminish. While the mods listed are certainly well-made, I cannot say that they are entirely as innovative as the best RA2 mods. This is not to say that there can't be any more good mods. However bold things must be done now. Good models and skins and graphics, while of course essential, seem to be overemphasised, while the gameplay and design are all too mundane. But to match the detail of a game like DoW or what I hope C&C3 will be is, at best, formidable. On top of that, fresh, new gameplay ideas are not the easiest things to come up with. In a way, the C&C modding community, as does C&C itself, needs a revitalization.
  5. kornlord283

    Mod Sdk Released!

    Funny how EA releases an SDK after SAGE has been around for more than 3 years... damn RenX tools. Speaking of large corporations attempting to extend their products' shelflives, THQ should encourage somethings similar if they decide to continue using the DoW engine (which is the most wonderful RTS I have encountered so far).
  6. kornlord283

    Command And Conquer 3 Has Been Announced

    Well I didn't mean they were explaining the same thing, just comparing 2 similar situations...
  7. kornlord283

    Command And Conquer 3 Has Been Announced

    I absolutely despise the tiberium "science." I personally found Chrono's explanation for vinifera to be much better than whatever those MIT people came up with (no offense)... The whole "space marine" concept for GDI is simply stupid, and I have to admit the new tanks and vehicles look to toyish.
  8. kornlord283

    Command And Conquer 3 Has Been Announced

    I may be mistaken but I think in Generals you can give the guard commandbutton OPTIONS = NEED_TARGET_(ALLY/ENEMY/NEUTRAL)_OBJECT to guard a unit (not sure why you would guard an enemy unit). Can't remember if it actually works. And as for TT... Wow.
  9. kornlord283

    Problems With Genesis

    Recently coded "ion cannon"-style superweapon: Apart from this, the Dezhori base is, if not complete, at least fully functioning with an infantry squad, miner, scout-type hover, and tank hover. At least for Dezhor, structures are built without dozer, i.e. conyard-style. Code is not really a problem, however in the future I intend on recruiting an art lead since Godwin does not seem to have the time. Major concept art and general design principles are all in place.
  10. kornlord283

    Us Border Issue

    Population difference of Canada and US? Idk
  11. kornlord283


    By popular opinion discontinued. i.e. I do not see a "Poll" button anywhere...
  12. kornlord283

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    eve 6 - here's to the nights
  13. kornlord283

    What Does Your Desktop Look Like?

  14. kornlord283

    Why Nod Flame Tanks Rule.

    Haha first RA1 mission... I didn't know the controls, or at least I thought it was Starcraft-style (right button action, left button select), so I kept on deselecting Tanya everytime I clicked. That or the teslas got me :lol: pretty lame...
  15. kornlord283

    The "what Did You Do Today?" Thread

    Woke up ate and now studying and staring at the computer screen :blink: