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  1. SovietSteel


    [LURK MODE: OFF] First of all do you even have the files on your Generals Zero Hour directory? If not then you have to download FinalBig and extract the files from BlitzINI.Blitz itself. The INI folder containing the following listed files must be in the directory provided bellow. (well for me anyways, i don't know your install directory...) Example Directory: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Data Allied Factory Files: (inside Data\INI\Object\Allies\Structure)* AlliedStructureHeavyFactoryUK.ini AlliedStructureHeavyFactoryUKII.ini AlliedStructureLightFactory.ini AlliedStructureLightFactoryUK.ini AlliedStructureLightFactoryUKII.ini Axis Factory Files: (inside Data\INI\Object\Germans\Structure) GermanStructureHeavyFactoryALKETT.ini GermanStructureHeavyFactoryHANOMAG.ini GermanStructureHeavyFactoryHENSCHEL.ini GermanStructureHeavyFactoryKRUPP.ini GermanStructureHeavyFactoryMAN.ini GermanStructureHeavyFactoryMNH.ini Soviet Factory Files: (inside Data\INI\Object\Soviets\Structure) RussianStructureLightFactory.ini RussianStructureHeavyFactoryTANKO.ini RussianStructureHeavyFactoryTYPE183.ini Then change the value of "MaxSimultaneousOfType" to the desired amount in notepad or any text program (placing a ; before it excludes it from the code, but changing the value is "safer"). ie. MaxSimultaneousOfType = 4 General Note1: Listed only factories that are actually available in-game. General Note2: The line "MaxSimultaneousOfType" also applies to units. *Note1: AlliedStructureLightFactory.ini is the French Factory (who in their right mind would even build more of those factories?). [LURK MODE: ON]
  2. SovietSteel

    More Updates

    Fine less micro so holding the first 2 towns should be easy but am taking about how will my micro skills match up with the regulars(or even the elites,lol i can only imagine) and i haven't played blitz or zh for months now plus not a single online experience :P I'll need my superior officer's advice even thought his going to say screw EA and go F.A.L.D.S. so i'll be leaving now,good luck on the russian and german teams i'll see you guys again once i get my internet connection fixed(not this decommision gaming machine). And before i forget delayed happy new year to you guys :lol:
  3. SovietSteel

    More Updates

    Sounds like a good deal(the nuke graphics,oh how sweet my card has something to eat thought not that much) i only need 2 nukes and the opposition will turn to ashes within a couple of seconds(or the nuke won't do an instant base kill?)thought where the heck will i get 520k :unsure: EDIT:Mmm...Now my only problem is my micro.
  4. SovietSteel

    Status Update

    Great great great Looks like am back to square one time to rethink about that plan,better do something for those buildings :ph34r:
  5. SovietSteel

    Status Update

    Nice cameos and i love the V1 rails now to get that 2mbps and first decade. :ph34r:
  6. SovietSteel

    New Allied Afvs

    Wow,now i can feed german tanks with both 37mm and a 75mm at once :lol: M3 Lee - what a tank!!
  7. SovietSteel

    Let's Discuse Limiting Airfields.

    I say no airfields should never be limited(of course if its...)and the aircraft balancing should be enough. Not sure how cause i haven't touch any of those INIs for a couple of months now,if you can somehow change the fall speed without killing the conscripts and probably the delay when the guys get out of the plane(i forgot the line)
  8. SovietSteel

    The Orange Box

    :lol: @Spoiler Tag Hehehehe
  9. SovietSteel

    The Orange Box

    lol more spoilerz Whats your graphics card? that thing happens to me because my drivers are outdate so try updating.(also clear you inbox)
  10. SovietSteel

    The Orange Box

    Even thought it much more great than 3.5 it sucks alot of resources(poor amp can't map for now) Note:Add Spoilers on the Thread title
  11. SovietSteel

    The Orange Box

    I need to get this before more spoilers gets release and dl Black Mesa Source after its modding team finish it(lol i think its on HL2EP3 or before release date)so i can start from HL1 again plus reviewing Gman's mysterious plan <_< Ohh i can't wait and i still need to play HL2EP1(lol also graphics card upgrade)
  12. SovietSteel

    Ea Has Done It Again

    This just came out of me while thinking about Crisis and the HL2EP2(soon some other older stuff,yay) optimize for quad core processors: My imagination strikes again :huh:
  13. SovietSteel

    Ea Has Done It Again

    Instresting,the reason why they suck at packs and steam packs owns EA games bugged packs :lol:
  14. SovietSteel

    New Map Needs A Name

    Voted for WW2 Begins.
  15. SovietSteel

    New Soviet Buildings

    OMFGLENINOFMGLENIGOMFGLENIN Those buildings looks sweet Korona