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  1. ClouD_StrifE

    Insurgents Seize Control Of Iraqi City

    Well the guerilla warfare...dont think they insurgents r retarded b/c they r not. Guerilla warefare is just exactly what we did in our American Revolution except it wasent to kill the population, but to decrease British troop ammounts and kill morale forcing the British to leave which did happen. With suicide bombers and IEDs all over the place blowing up...morale is bound to be low. We have to be aware of what is attacking if u r on the battlefield. These fighters can only be mixed in groups of maybe 10 if i were to guess. Armed with RPGs and Aks they can easily surprise a patrol of soldiers....unless we surprise them. That is what we could use to counter the insurgency. O crap...that must sux. Not only guerilla warfare BUT they r using sniper teams. NEVER stay in a very urban area with lots of cars and people. A sniper might have his crossairs on ur head.
  2. ClouD_StrifE

    Throwing The Middle Finger To Ea.

    Who knows....it could be just spyware unharmfull or it could be the spyware we all hate. Time will tell....unless u people want to buy the game and do an autopsy on it. Be my guest.
  3. ClouD_StrifE

    Throwing The Middle Finger To Ea.

    what BS!!!! The ONLY reason EA may do this maybe in my opinion...catch some noob hackers. We all hate hackers and maybe could be in some way shape or form catch hackers by detecting any other programs unfamiliar and almost banning the cd key....idk its only a small prediction(That would be gay tho...what if u have a KT running and it bans u for having a KT that plays music :( ). NOW if this is used to direct info on EVERYTHING u do....obviously we have EVERY right to say something and take this to court.
  4. ClouD_StrifE

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    rofl, that other asian dood was just asian...nuthing funny bout him, the midgots and the crazy 12 footer is funny :D O yes and NEVER get 2 wasted at a party.....this could happen to u Lol.
  5. ClouD_StrifE

    Italy, The Missing Faction

    now i may now change what i said about Japan in my thread "Just a Question...." Errrm maybe japan isnt such a good idea for a faction of its own...thier army was crappy but they still killed alot with thier infantry and airforce. Italalian tanks were no match to allied tanks. O yes btw now that i thought if it.....why do the british use the sherman!?!?!? They should be using their Crusader tank. Italian tanks were no match at all to those even the shermans. Italy was mainly forced to using German vehicles.
  6. ClouD_StrifE

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    L O L
  7. ClouD_StrifE

    Funny Pics Thread Reloaded

    WTF!!!?!?!? WEEENIES!!!!!!!
  8. ClouD_StrifE

    Invasion Of The Usa

    ok to me it seems u people have no faith in the technology we have...i mean we have damm spy drones and satelites looking down at north korea every day prob. if they were to start moving their army .... wouldnt we notice? our navy is in the area 2 so they wont get any ships out to the pacific. umm thier navy is also weak beatable like iran. the 1 thing that will help us in taking kim out of power is the very situation going on now. the country is running out of food to supply the people. the people of north korea are going to starve unfortunatly. extreme carefull measures r to be taken by china, japan, sk, and us in order to stop the north from doing anything drastic. remember.....china is on our side for this conflict :D. im pretty sure china does not want thier neighbor having or fireing nukes. china beter act like a world power and know that a leader like kim should NOT have nukes, even iran a terrorist country that is thought to be unpradictable on what could happen with them having nuclear technology... im not dumb....just trying to state a point. north korea is beatable....just needs some time. if diplomacy fails...our last option will be to finaly finish what we started many years ago by invading the north. i say a community coalition with china,sk and japan (if japan has a army, im not 2 sure tho. we limited thier army after ww2)
  9. ClouD_StrifE

    Invasion Of The Usa

    OK nukes r out of the question untill they r fired....our government will never fire a nuke unless we have 2, we have seen the devestaion we cuased Japan...not many people would like to see people die like that again. Now about them getting here, them and what FLEET. Damm both of them would have to think of something b/c thier fleet is like a wodden plank and a few sticks to steer it. (i think u peeps get what i am saying its CRAP) Our navy is the most powerfull in the world, there is no possible way for getting over thorugh our naval supremacy PEROID :D O yes umm they would also have to defeat our complete army which would be impossible for them 2 many tanks and stuff....and we will never bow down to muslims so we will revolt untill they pull out and we finaly come back.
  10. ClouD_StrifE

    An Act Of War Is Back!

    Hehe little pick not much action except for a falling apache :D, hey btw will the mod kill those nasty lines that go straight down from all helicopters? That line is extremely annoying Well i do like the fack that ur missiles leave a trail of smoke behind like in that pic :D. This mod may not have some rlly good effects but it still kicks some serious @$$ B). I hope u use the water mod and idk see if u can ask screamingcricket from the Vietnam Glory Obscured mod for some of their effects :D the effects they use r very creative and nice.
  11. ClouD_StrifE

    An Act Of War Is Back!

    ZOMG keep a very close eye at current world news and politics about NKOREA....it may very well prove usefull to adding more things to the mod when it comes to them. Extreme nationalism upgrades should be given. Hehe give them a missile that just explodes in thier face b/c thier missiles sux :D (When they tried testing some of thier first missiles Tae Pon Doe or some weird thing like that it just shot up and fell like that, boom, splat)
  12. ClouD_StrifE

    Eala And Blizzard Rts Releases

    exactly :D All of them sux and WoW is the top game ATM that makes people do the most idiotic stuff which make them have no life at all.....examples, dropping out of high school and college just to play it, playing it for hours nonstop and stuff like that. Next time u see a WoW nerd just walk away, hearing them talking about the game maks u go eweqjh;ajfh;akgfa.;kf
  13. ClouD_StrifE

    Which Wwii General Are You?

    errmm the first person coms to mind for me on the most victories ill guess is Nazi Marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt. Dood almost never lost. Most loyal of all of Hitlers commanders. I dont no who the best may be.... there r several tho on allied and axis sides that match this category well :D-
  14. ClouD_StrifE

    North Korea

    Russia WILL maybe fall if they try going to communism again...lets just hope they dont now. I actualy like that China (main communist power) is helping us in this political standup with NKorea. We need more countries that can tell Kim to STFU and stick a nuke up his bunghole, TY....
  15. ClouD_StrifE

    Damnit, Ssp Got Hacked

    I take your not exactly an expert with computers? No, not exactly i do now how to make siggys and wallpapers over photoshop tho :D.