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  1. MadHQ

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Does any one still have that aimd.ini fix? It does not seem to exist any more... And I kind of wanted to play some AR2 for good old memories.
  2. MadHQ

    Off Topic Spammers

    If you ask me that sounds a little to extreme and a stupid... But thats just my opinion.
  3. MadHQ

    Ar2 Background Questions

    Damn Chrono! I didnt think you were even around any more.
  4. MadHQ

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Wow! after so long of no activity finaly some life. :lol: i will be trying this out.
  5. MadHQ

    We're Still Alive!

    Nice buildings :P
  6. MadHQ

    Dogfighter Possible

    TBH i don't think you should do anything like this, unless PD can make it work some how. Other wise it will look really odd. But that just my opinion.
  7. MadHQ

    Blitzkrieg Is Back!

    Actually the terrain I think is very nice I think it really fits in really well, you may just have to play it to get a feel for it. Ya the towed guns are a really cool idea. And TBH I think I may use that idea in my stupid civil war mod. Ands its really nice to see the site back up!
  8. MadHQ

    "work In Progress"-shots

    Will that one ship with the plane on the back launch that plane?
  9. MadHQ

    "work In Progress"-shots

    WOW! those are nice! And your not useing 3d models on some thing like this? Though the Carrier is a bit too boxy...
  10. MadHQ

    Screenshot Thread V2

    WOW! That’s some very sexy! SEXY! Stuff you have there! I can’t wait tell you guys release this version. The vxls look better. And the infantry are nice! How long ago did Lao tze make those? And that terrain you add looks nice too.
  11. MadHQ

    Screenshot Thread

    And why not….? :P
  12. MadHQ

    Version 1.5 Is Here

    Internal Destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Internal Destruction version 1.5 is ready for you. Version 1.5 has got to be at lest 50 times better than 1.0. It has better buildings, better coding, a few new maps, a few new songs. It’s by far a much better game. But it still is missing some stuff like a few icons, build-ups witch im not to sure if im going to have them, and active animations for the buildings. And I have decided to wait tell version 2.0 for infantry, terrain and maybe the third side. You can download it here. http://internal.game-mod.net Here are some pictures to give an idea of what this mod looks like. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions post them at my forum http://forums.revora.net/index.php?showforum=143.
  13. MadHQ

    Genesis Base Buildings

    nice!! But what is with that white stuff at the right side of the barracks? you may want to edit that out.
  14. MadHQ

    My Mod!

    its out... click on my sig to go to my site to find the out how to download it.
  15. MadHQ

    My Mod!

    i dont have freewebs anymore...