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  1. -supremecars-


    I already had read that topic, but didn't solved the problem, maybe it's because I got Command And Conquer The First Decade?
  2. -supremecars-


    Dear Guys, I have installed Blitzkrieg 2, but then I want to install the patch on your website, when an message pop ups with: Old File not find. So I couldn't find any solution, I uninstalled ZH and BZ, but it didn't worked, I cant fight online and al that stuff. What is the best solution to do now? I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  3. -supremecars-

    Select The Best Rx

    I have the same bots on my forum.
  4. -supremecars-

    Geforce 8800s Released

    What you buy now is tommorow old. The newest computer is just over one day old because everything is changing that quick. Maybe Microsoft is working on a new version windows, maybe Pista, who knows? who said that Vista is a new version maybe there is allready a newer one. Who knows if there issnt a pentium 8 out allready? Who knows :P.
  5. -supremecars-


    When installing, its just real slow, when i am in game the soldiers are running like an idiot. And sometimes the game just closes down. And the compatibilteit i allready have changend.
  6. -supremecars-

    Hello I've Got Some Questions

    I know they take time, thanks for the information.
  7. -supremecars-

    My Sigs

    Nah, he's just 15. http://supremecars.deviantart.com/ So forums are still teh awesome upgrade from the chatrooms, with 15% less pedos after his ass to boot. Hey thats my DA :P Lol i am not a bot, i have a sh!t bot on my forum and website see http://www.nationofgfx.com but and oh yea i am not 15 i am 16:P.
  8. -supremecars-

    Your Pc Stats

    Holy sh!t, i didnt know there will be so much comments lol. :)
  9. -supremecars-


    Lol 5 Ghz issnt possible, then your pc needs some good overclocking. My specs are: Pentium 4 3,4 Ghz 1,5 Gb Memory 128 MB Geforce 6610 XL So i cant run it or do you guys have some tips??
  10. -supremecars-

    Halogen Rip

    CRAP MICROSOFT, Man, why do they stop a mod, issnt it just some nice advertisment for a fantastic game. I dont see any point to it. Suck you Microsoft.
  11. -supremecars-


    I have only one problem my system is to quick for RA2. :(
  12. -supremecars-

    My Sigs

    Thanks for the comments
  13. -supremecars-

    Your Pc Stats

    I am getting a new Graphics card from 200 euro. :)
  14. -supremecars-

    Your Pc Stats

    My System: Pentium 4 3,4 Ghz 1,5 GB Memory 250 GB Harddisk An Geforce 6610 XL + 2 Extern Harddisks of 250 Gb= 500 GB + 250 GB (Intern) 750GB total. Good system uh :P
  15. -supremecars-


    Does this mod has a good Skirmisch AL? Or Single Player missions?