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  1. Smurf Bizkit

    Final Version Released

    Final Version of MEC2 Released
  2. Smurf Bizkit


    Continuing the trend of posting large updates this Mideast Crisis 2 update includes; the UN's bombers, video of them and the F-35, more unit audio and a changelog for our other 2 factions (the IDF and GOI). Hit either of the images below for more info!
  3. Smurf Bizkit

    Biggest Mec2 Update, Ever

    Mod of the Year - Phase 2 We made it into the top 'Mod of the Year' top 100! Please support MEC2 by voting for us in this second phase! To see the rest of the largest update we've had yet for MEC2 click here or the image below!
  4. Smurf Bizkit

    Vote! Mod Of The Year 2011

    Mideast Crisis 2's latest update shows off most of the UN Airforce as well as a new 8-player map. Click here to check it out. Also, Phase 1 of Mod of the Year 2011 has started. If you'd like to vote for MEC2 click below and then vote for us on our moddb profile!
  5. Smurf Bizkit

    Geneva Conventions

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated to showcase the Brummbar Death states, Law System and Pop-up Ads. Click here to check it out, or hit the images below.
  6. Smurf Bizkit

    German Engineering

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a showcase of the the UN Peacekeeper's supertank, the 'Brummbar' as well as screens and info on our new 6-player map. Click here to check it out, or hit the images below.
  7. Smurf Bizkit

    Introductionary Offer Derelict Studios Advertising

    there any limits? what if i wanted to advertise for 'naughty schoolboy funpalace'? :P
  8. Smurf Bizkit

    Postpreview And Blood Sdk

    To celebrate MEC2 making it into the top 100 mods we've released an update detailing more of the content included in our recent release. We've also released a 'Blood SDK' which allows other C&C3/RA3 modders to use MEC2's death effects in their mods. Hit either of the pics below to see full details;
  9. Smurf Bizkit

    Download Release 1.5 Now!

    Mideast Crisis 2 has just released a new version of the mod and published a massive update containing extensive articles on the overhauled IDF (including a showcase of its new unit - the THEL drone) and videos on the GOI's new Irfit Tower defensive structure and a gameplay tutorial outlining the mod's revamped gameplay. Hit the image below to check it out!
  10. Smurf Bizkit

    Mec2 News Update!

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a very large news post including; a preview of whats in the upcoming release, full details on the additions to the 'Guardians of Islam' faction and info on the new VR Tags. Click here or either of the images below to check it out.
  11. Smurf Bizkit

    Command And Conquer Zombiefied?

    Why set your goals so low? C&C is shit scifi. We could do much, much better than that. btw, hit me up on MSN sometime, remind me of this post :P
  12. Smurf Bizkit

    Interactive Sports Release Judo Dvd

    Phoib, I think somehow one of the spam-bots posted in the news section...might want to take care of this. :P
  13. Smurf Bizkit

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Thanks guys :) And yea...R2 will add in 3 (maybe 4) more maps...as well as us redoing Pestilence's map hook.
  14. Smurf Bizkit

    Corporate Sponsorship

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a detailed postmortem on our first release, along with many screenshots and details of the new UN Peacekeepers faction. Click here or the images below to head to our site to check it out!
  15. Smurf Bizkit

    Back From Commandcom

    Icon, always guaranteed to bring a certain degree of class to a discussion. :)