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    Final Version Released

    Final Version of MEC2 Released
  2. Smurf Bizkit


    Continuing the trend of posting large updates this Mideast Crisis 2 update includes; the UN's bombers, video of them and the F-35, more unit audio and a changelog for our other 2 factions (the IDF and GOI). Hit either of the images below for more info!
  3. Smurf Bizkit

    Biggest Mec2 Update, Ever

    Mod of the Year - Phase 2 We made it into the top 'Mod of the Year' top 100! Please support MEC2 by voting for us in this second phase! To see the rest of the largest update we've had yet for MEC2 click here or the image below!
  4. Smurf Bizkit

    Vote! Mod Of The Year 2011

    Mideast Crisis 2's latest update shows off most of the UN Airforce as well as a new 8-player map. Click here to check it out. Also, Phase 1 of Mod of the Year 2011 has started. If you'd like to vote for MEC2 click below and then vote for us on our moddb profile!
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    Geneva Conventions

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated to showcase the Brummbar Death states, Law System and Pop-up Ads. Click here to check it out, or hit the images below.
  6. Smurf Bizkit

    [mapping] Post Effect Options

    This is for people who wish to take their maps to another level, by enabling the post effect options in the C&C3 World Builder. Keep in mind that this is just a brief description of the settings, the best way to find out what does what is to try it out yourself. There are 4 types of post effects; DistortionPostEffect - I have no idea what this does. BloomPostEffect - This is self explanatory, if you don't know what it is turn it on and play with the values. LookupTablePostEffect - This is similar to Bloom, although more about overall light exposure than "blooms". In order to get this working though (it'll initially be turned on showing the entire map with a pink overlay) you need to have a file named "BleachByPass_vol.tga". You can download that tga (as well as the one for LightRays) here. Where you download and extract the file to doesn't matter. Now when you click the "volume texture" select the "BleachByPass_vol.tga" file, and then scale the slider to whichever value works best (I'd suggest something low for starters). Here is an image of one of the settings from one of the C&C3 Red Zone maps; LightRaysPostEffects - This is used for the sunlight poking through the clouds on Red Zone maps. Like the lookuptable, this also requires a tga which you can get from here (its included in with the LookupTable tga I posted earlier). This tga is named "CM_RedZoneA_LightRays" and as with the previous, it doesn't matter where the file is actually located. Again here is an image showing the settings EA used for Red Zone maps; Hope that helps those of you wishing to create Red Zone maps. :)
  7. Smurf Bizkit

    German Engineering

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a showcase of the the UN Peacekeeper's supertank, the 'Brummbar' as well as screens and info on our new 6-player map. Click here to check it out, or hit the images below.
  8. Smurf Bizkit

    Introductionary Offer Derelict Studios Advertising

    there any limits? what if i wanted to advertise for 'naughty schoolboy funpalace'? :P
  9. Smurf Bizkit

    Postpreview And Blood Sdk

    To celebrate MEC2 making it into the top 100 mods we've released an update detailing more of the content included in our recent release. We've also released a 'Blood SDK' which allows other C&C3/RA3 modders to use MEC2's death effects in their mods. Hit either of the pics below to see full details;
  10. Smurf Bizkit

    Download Release 1.5 Now!

    Mideast Crisis 2 has just released a new version of the mod and published a massive update containing extensive articles on the overhauled IDF (including a showcase of its new unit - the THEL drone) and videos on the GOI's new Irfit Tower defensive structure and a gameplay tutorial outlining the mod's revamped gameplay. Hit the image below to check it out!
  11. From what I've seen, it is possible for there to be an early game stalemate. This is due to the fact that the at troops in pillboxes can't really be taken out without heavy losses on your side (practically giving the enemy exp points). I've had games where we just end up spending a half hour building up massive defences...but once someone decides to attack the exp points jump up quickly (due to the many casualties). Is this an issue you guys find?
  12. Smurf Bizkit

    Mec2 News Update!

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a very large news post including; a preview of whats in the upcoming release, full details on the additions to the 'Guardians of Islam' faction and info on the new VR Tags. Click here or either of the images below to check it out.
  13. Smurf Bizkit

    Command And Conquer Zombiefied?

    Why set your goals so low? C&C is shit scifi. We could do much, much better than that. btw, hit me up on MSN sometime, remind me of this post :P
  14. Smurf Bizkit

    Interactive Sports Release Judo Dvd

    Phoib, I think somehow one of the spam-bots posted in the news section...might want to take care of this. :P
  15. Smurf Bizkit

    Created With The Map Editor

    A couple of years ago I was at a C&C3 Community Summit. The developers took us to dinner and at some point the subject of mods came up...with the dev's agreeing that the first game to be the Quake 3 of RTS would be huge. It looks like that game is going to be Starcraft 2. The following screens are from Starcraft 2, not Starcraft: Ghost...not some Flash game. These are unpolished mods, made by the SC2 devs with their worldbuilder to show what is possible. Click the image to see showing these off (starts at about half-way in). Even with the fact that they have set it up to allow for 3rd person shooters and RPG's, the biggest takeaway I had was the flexibility of UI modding. The fact that you can add in new UI elements (like the boss life meter) will add a variety of options such as tossing in C&C styled superweapons, ingame reputation meters (ala WoW), and a ton more. In update to the last SC2 post I made, yea we'll be able to add in custom art...but it won't likely be available at launch. I can wait though, since it'll be a very good time to be an RTS modder.
  16. Smurf Bizkit

    Corporate Sponsorship

    The Mideast Crisis 2 website has been updated with a detailed postmortem on our first release, along with many screenshots and details of the new UN Peacekeepers faction. Click here or the images below to head to our site to check it out!
  17. Smurf Bizkit

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Thanks guys :) And yea...R2 will add in 3 (maybe 4) more maps...as well as us redoing Pestilence's map hook.
  18. Smurf Bizkit

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    Phoib right now is in Germany bathing himself in all things C&C4 at the huge summit. I'm sitting halfway across the globe in my house, watching Blizzcon panels and I am quite sure that I just heard the best possible news about RTS modding. In the revamped version of Battlenet, Blizzard will have a Steam-like setup so that players can download maps, mod-maps, etc. from within Starcraft 2 itself. They also say that post-launch of Starcraft 2, a premium download feature will be implemented...allowing people to buy premium maps/mods (with part of the profits going to the creators). Think something like what is available on Xbox Live, PSN, and the iphone for downloadable games. For more info on this read here. There are a couple of big questions, such as if we can mod in new art/tilesets and of course and just how much of a cut of each map sold Blizzard would take. Still, I view this as an extremely positive move. This is on par with Valve's efforts in promoting/hiring mod teams and with Epics "Make Something Unreal" contests. Modders are given a very heavy incentive to flock towards their games...which we'll see for Starcraft 2. I haven't even mentioned the absurd power/scope/polish of the tools for Starcraft 2, the fact that they have been designed specifically with the community in mind or that they'll be available for use once the game hits beta. There is another big question, with all of this...why would anyone keep modding C&C? Updates: from shacknews from gamasutra
  19. Smurf Bizkit

    Back From Commandcom

    Icon, always guaranteed to bring a certain degree of class to a discussion. :)
  20. Smurf Bizkit

    Back From Commandcom

    Starcraft 2 is not a rehash by any means, yes it does stay very close to the initial formula...but they are improving it in every way possible. The most important of these is in the unit designs, if you look at the SC1 unit lists there were many units that had generic mechanics (mostly on the zerg side really)...SC2 has replaced them with ones having unique mechanics. The effect is like comparing playing chess where you only have peon/king/queen to using all the peices...an absurd amount of new strategies opens up. With all that said, knowing their designer's history (RA2/Gen/BFME1) I really wish they would've innovated more on the core gameplay mechanics...especially since they are one of the few teams that can do it, and do it right.
  21. Smurf Bizkit

    Created With The Map Editor

    EA can't counter this. Their team just isn't set up to offer better tools (which are needed) nor is there enough pressure to throw tons of money at the community (ie sponsoring a "Make Something Unreal"-like event)...both things I've been begging/pleading EA for for years. Add to this the fact that C&C4 isn't really that appealing for modding and its unlikely there is much leftover code from RA3/etc. (for harvesting, old school base building, etc. etc.)...
  22. Smurf Bizkit

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    another article here ------ @Killa, I'm not sure where you're coming from...but so long as its using the SC2 engine, their servers for downloads, etc. then yes...you could expect a similar publisher/developer setup.
  23. Smurf Bizkit

    Starcraft 2 Will Let You Sell Mods

    update from this news post Which by "original content" I don't know what they could mean other than art assets...so that question is solved.
  24. Smurf Bizkit

    Mec 1.9 Released

    nice :)
  25. This topic is a compilation of answers to problems people typically have. If you have things to add to this, just reply below. Try not to post support questions here as they will be deleted. (I know this should've been posted a while ago, I did ask jadgtiger to post this up...but he didn't, and I forgot to remind him) ---------------------------------------------- This is only for V026 and the v026b patch! The mod won't run! It gives me an error when it starts up! What language version of Generals are you using? If it is anything other than English...you might have problems which cannot be fixed easily. I would suggest you wait for a version of Blitz2 that supports your language. (if your language is something other than french or german contact me to see about getting support for it) Is the mod in the correct location? The mod should be located in your main generals folder (typically .../eagames/generals/). It should NOT be inside a folder, which is inside that directory (ie .../eagames/generals/v026full). The files will not be read by the game unless they are in the root generals dir. Also remember that this is a mod for generals NOT zero hour. Do you have other mods installed? If you do, these might conflict and you should uninstall them before you install Blitzkrieg 2. Did you patch Generals fully before installing the mod? You should do this. The mod keeps wanting me to patch it! It keeps trying to connect to the internet when I hit the Blitzkrieg2.exe! There are 3 things you can do to fix this (you can do all of them, or just 1 of them and it should work). -Download the v026b patch, and then go into the main generals dir and delete the "blitzbuilder(not working!).exe". -Rename the "blitzbuilder(notworking!).exe" to "blitzbuilder.exe". -Open the launcher.ini file (inside the main generals dir) and edit the "DisableInetUpdate=No" line so it is now "DisableInetUpdate=Yes". I can't connect to my friend online! Make sure that you are both using the exact same version (meaning you both need v025, or v026 or v026+the patch). If one of you is using v026 and the other is using v026+the patch...it won't work. Online disconnects and other problems arn't due to Blitzkrieg 2, but rather to the horrible netcode EA is using for Generals. The AI doesn't work in skirmish! The AI only works on Hard and Brutal, not on normal setting. You should also try different maps, since it tends to work better on some than others.