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  1. Le_Poisson

    Starcraft 2

    Hey Dudes - I still go on the forums, just don't post a lot :P Was wondering if anyone had a SC2 beta key they'd be interested in letting me use? Yep, this is pretty much a selfish cry for help. Hope everyone is doing well still in the DS community.
  2. Le_Poisson

    Good World War Ii Rts/strategy Games?

    Ruse needs to come out, it looks like something different for a change (not necessarily super realistic, but different and something I'd REALLY be interested in playing). I might give Theatre of War a shot. Men of War, I don't like the individual controlling aspect of it. It makes me feel like I'm super micro managing, and I found the demo ridiculous. War Leaders looks like a mish mash of HOI III and Company of Heroes or some generic WW2 RTS. I have a feeling it's going to not fulfill the grand strategy nor RTS shoes very well, but I hope I'm proven wrong! But yeah, Ruse, I hunger for that game now that I've looked into it some.
  3. Le_Poisson

    Olympic Games

    Argh, I can't figure out how to imbed the table from the Olympics Site. It seems the given html code is wrong. But suffice to say, US is up to 6 medals total, only 1 Gold so far, so France is beating us out for the Gold total right now. But still, USA USA USA!!
  4. Just wondering what you guys thought were the best WW2 RTS games (or larger scale strategy games). I remember looking at one that looked really great years back but can't for the life of me remember its name :( So thought I'd turn to you guys and get your opinions. Before anyone does it, yes Blitz2 is a great WW2 RTS. Ok, I know!
  5. Le_Poisson

    Steel Battalion

    http://www.digitlook.com/Thrustmaster-Hota...4_p_181589.html (Plus get some pedals). I'm sure you can get them used off ebay for cheaper.
  6. Le_Poisson


    I actually would since I might be in that situation in a year or so :P Would you be able to post it publicly in this thread? @ hawk - The United States of America is one country and one state. Just like Germany was when it was first created. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unification_of_Germany You're essentially proposing that we should not have a unified country? (gross oversimplification of what you said, admittedly) There are plenty of things that are ran well at the individual state level in this country, and I think health care could easily be administered on a state level (heck, it pretty much already is). But you need Federal Mandates (in my opinion) to ensure it is run properly. I think the Federal Government could provide the framework, and the state governments fill it in.
  7. Le_Poisson


    Now hawk what happened is that the Democrats couldn't actually work together. And our elected president failed to "sack up" and actually just tell the Republicans to go fuck themselves and just pander to his party and get it passed. That's what SHOULD have happened. Hell, Bush didn't have a super majority and shit got passed like nobodies business. I'm more a democrat than republican but it seems that democrats can't just work together.
  8. Le_Poisson

    Who The Hell Are You?

    See http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...howtopic=177423
  9. Le_Poisson

    My New Favorite Toy!

    Not dead, just haven't been playing Blitz lately. I actually still read the forums on here, just nothing piques my interest to answer. Rattus, it's the real Walther. It's pretty comfy to hold with the extended base, but it kicks like a bitch. The other magazine is for back up, and I am just going to keep it with the flat base, so it takes up less pocket space. Rattus, it's super great quality, and all German stuff (from the markings). It just feels...right...
  10. Le_Poisson

    My New Favorite Toy!

    It's a Walther P99C QA (P99 Compact, Quick Action). Here's a link to the facebook album P99C What do you guys think? Also, this counts as my "face" picture for DS
  11. Le_Poisson

    Fuck You Iran.

    (how infrequently do I post here lawlz)... Hey Korona, I also heard from a former Marine that over in Afghanistan British SAS were dipping their bullets into pigs blood. Somehow, I believe it...
  12. Le_Poisson

    Rich Boy Selling Crick

    I had to jump in here to say that Korona that shit you posted is awesome. That made me appreciate what rap COULD be. Unfortunately, it has become all about money, killing, and getting ass. ARRRGGHHHH....
  13. Le_Poisson

    The Early Game Stalemate...

    I'm necroing the shit out of this, just to remind everyone of how far Blitz has come. Also, I REALLY miss the Soviet artillery superpower, it was epic.
  14. http://www.derelictstudios.net/forums/inde...howtopic=177382 Just scroll down, comrade raptor seems to have figured it out.
  15. Le_Poisson

    Hamachi User Notification

    LePoisson, I'm still active once in awhile, but if you remove me I understand :)