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  1. ILikePie


    I have Uranium and Coal. I bought a harbor, so I have one extra trade slot open. I'll send a trade offer to you.
  2. ILikePie

    What Weapon Are You?

    :( :( L-85 A2 Assault Rifle You are clumsy, ackward and unreliable. Friends frequently have to finish what you start. You prefer to throw hits and get out of harm's way. Tell my girlfriend I love her... wait, I don't have one... nvm... :(
  3. ILikePie

    Another Shellmap

    Can I have the shellmap with the town getting shelled by all 3 sides? You should make a parade, then all of a sudden, it gets ambushed. Just like the introduction to the first chinese mission in Regular Generals. Civilians running everywhere. :lol: I was playing 2.5, and my Maus was moving across the battlefield, and 3 soldiers just ran straight into it. It was hilarious. :lol: Anyways, I like the screenshots you posted, it looks good so far.
  4. ILikePie

    What Weapon Are You?

    I honestly don't know what weapon I am.
  5. ILikePie


    "Is still holding breath and is very Purple" Hint: Don't hold your breath when you are trying to move an M28 across the battlefield. They even tell you not to. ;)
  6. ILikePie


    Hey, he's back. Welcome, I am ILikePie.
  7. ILikePie


    I thought you said you weren't available? Make up your mind.
  8. ILikePie

    the pythagorean theorem

    I hate long formulas. They take up so much time, and if you do something wrong, you have to go ALL the way back and start over. That's why they invented paper to show your work. I hate doing that. A bit off topic: Anyone here want a match for Blitzkrieg 2?
  9. ILikePie

    the pythagorean theorem

    They were saying I haven't reached fourth grade yet. I wasn't talking about A2+B2=C2. I must have my equations mixed up. All I know is it's some complicated problem. Oh, and for the all the people who said I was dumb, I'm in 8th grade, and in 9th grade I'm going into Geometry. And hopefully get to Trigonometry in 11th. Have any of you even gotten that far? Besides flyby.
  10. ILikePie


    Nothing really going on in my nation right now. Hay, Phoib, 1 more post and it will be 11,000 posts. Hooray! Let's all dance: :D
  11. ILikePie

    World Builder Goodness

    I don't even have the game yet, and I can't even run Worldbuilder on Generals. I tried to make a map for the first time. Ten seconds later I gave up. If I did have it, I wouldn't be so desperate for a game of BltizKrieg 2. Anyone want to play?
  12. ILikePie

    World Builder Goodness

    Is the worldbuilder for CNC3 like the worldbuilder in Generals ZH???
  13. ILikePie

    Hot Fuzz

    Sound Effects: Ch ch, BOOM! I want to see that movie. It looks so awesome. I also have to see, Unfortuanately, I'm not old enough.
  14. Usually, the menu screen is just a picture. The computer I play Generals on is fast enough that the screen actually moves, showing actual battle. :P I don't have a favorite unit, they all own. :P Or30 is right. The Tiger 1 in Blitzkrieg 2 scares me more than a Tiger II. :o
  15. ILikePie

    Writing A Book.

    Goose, one of my friends at school is writing a story about all the teachers in my core. They all die except for 1. He isn't finished with it yet, but it's supposed to be a very awkward story. It's kind of like the Twilight Zone. I'll see if I can get a copy from him. B) ILikePie B)