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    Zh Patch

    HI ALL I AM NEW ONE :ph34r: how can i edit zh patch file at type [dta] if some one know how plz tell me the program can edit the [dta] file type or if he can tell me an link
  2. pcc80

    My Mod With Some Problem

    hi all i am the new one :ph34r: ok now i got it the wnd edit thanks for u all for your help i will rip my mod first in this websit ok comig soon
  3. pcc80

    My Mod With Some Problem

    hi jackson how are u i want to thank u very much for u r reply the [wnd] file type that find in zero hour window folder it surface for the zero hour window in the game i want to edit it to complet my mod but i am thanks u for evry thing :ph34r:
  4. hi all i am a new one :ph34r: my problem is the [wnd] files can some one tell me what the program can edit the wnd files in zero hour plz i need your help to complet my mod :)